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    Ivar Malde from Norway makes this look easy: Malde's shooting machine: As an aside, I've been looking on the Net at flight shooting out at the Wendover Utah salt flats. I am amazed at the level of dedication and commitment you lot have for this sport!
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    Bow: Med. CVX Limbs on a 25" TCS/ILF Riser making a 68"/34# rig. Arrows: 30" .400 spine with 200gr screw-in points for 475gr/13.97GPP Rest System: Sealskin & Cordovan w/ strategically placed toothpicks. End Result: Smooth, Quiet & Pleasing to shoot.
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    It has taken awhile but I am finally making some progress with my frozen shoulder. I have finished my third week of therapy, with one additional week of travel where I did the exercises on my own. My range of motion is increasing. I still seem to be a ways off from being able to climb or shoot...
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    I don't know if the same for most of you but around here guys are not shooting. 3-D shoots are almost empty. Two weeks ago we had 17 on Saturday and NONE on Sunday. Classifieds are real slow as well. Local bow shops are not selling bows even crossbows.
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    Playing with the slow motion setting on my phone. Good tool to look for form issues.
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    I'll be honest, it has been quite some time since I have been out stumping. I have never shot stumps with wood arrows. Post season scouting and stumping is as good as it gets. Archery at its finest.... Sometimes I think I forget why I am drawn to archery. The flight of the arrow is so...
  7. Suggestions and Issues
    Hello All Seems a long time between screen changes. Just wondering if its Trad Talk. Or my computer . [ Later
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    So I was outside watching my wife shoot Cody's Gen 2 17" and I decided to take a slow mo video to highlight a couple things. When setting up a bow for optimal performance, check where the limb tips are while at full draw. When they are vertical or nearly vertical, like in this case with my wife...
  9. Faith and Fellowship
    Nothing is more disheartening to check this forum and see five pages of text have been added to several active threads...the majority of it bickering. It takes an hour just to catch up on one thread! If we are to truly experience learning, sharing and fellowship here, we need to say something...
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    I stumbled across this video explaining the archer's paradox with slow motion video. I'm a noob in archery, so if this is beyond simple for you, maybe it's something that you can show to your un-archery-minded friends.
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    Monday I was tuning my setup for Field/3D, back on the CV limbs and CT Cheetahs 525 spine, the CV's 38# OTF and showing slightly weak so switched the 105g Tophat points and 20g inserts for the 100g glue in points, they bareshafted ok and brought the total arrow down to just under 290g. Doing...
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    I made the mistake of shooting my bow for arrow speed. Carbon Extreme longs on 17" TitanII. 52# @ 28", drawing 28 1/2". 385 grain arrow. Only got 185 fps. I expected a bit more. No where close to projected speed as per 3rivers spine calculator.
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    Just sent my beloved Extra Short HEX 6H BB2 limbs to their new owner. These limbs were great and I had tuning options for different weight arrows from 180 fps to just over 220 fps. What to do now that I have a least a month to go before the Hex 7s get here? The only other limbs I have are an...
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    Man all this video I have been doing of late has shown me how much I suck :) Here is a slow motion clip of Blacky - Ray and myself and granted next to both these guys most would look bad but I am on a mission to clean it up and work on my flaws So I'm changing it up and gonna listen to many...
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    I will start off by saying I have been playing around with some barebow distance shooting as of late. 30, 50, 60 meters. Having a lot of fun with it. One thing that I had noticed with the longer distances was my lack of a constant anchor point. I have always heard of the "C" behind the mandible...
  16. Hunting Camp
    2315 34.5 inches long with a 125 gr tip 3 5 inch feathers weighs pretty close to 600 grains. it was a cheap way to test how that spine value(whatever it ends up) would shoot out of a 40 to 45 pound recurve. its a 340 shaft thats way too long but they shot real good out of a 40 excel. no...
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    I shoot a slow 51# longbow and decided to put it over a chrony with different arrow weights to see what would I would be able to hunt. We have a guide line over here as to the KE appropriate for different species. I will post another thread as to the futility or this (my thoughts at least). The...
1-18 of 41 Results