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    Just wondering if any one knows a reliable supplier of matched Sitka spruce arrow shafts? I have been using these for years but the last couple of times I have tried to contact Hilderbrand via email I have had no response? I see on their website now they are not accepting any orders. We cannot...
  2. TradTalk Main Forum
    For those of you that worry about this. I have subalpine and elevated here. This camo looks good under the light. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  3. TradTalk Main Forum
    Would anyone know where I can buy spined and weight matched Sitka Spruce tapered shafts from? I am looking for 11/32 rear tapered to 5/16 that have been spine and weight matched to be shipped to the UK? I have bought from Hilderbrand previously but not sure if they have changed their contact...
  4. TradTalk Main Forum
    I am thinking of getting some lightweight camo and have been looking at both....I like the Sitka because I can try it on but it's pricey, but what isn't The kuiu is used but some buddies back up in the Yukon but they haven't used the Sitka gear Any thoughts...thanks jer
  5. Watering Hole
    Some of you have ask so here are some pics from Sitka ak
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  7. TradTalk Main Forum
    The latest addition to my shooting arsenal. They are Tapered Sitka
  8. TradTalk Main Forum
    Here are my latest arrows for 3D Long Bow Class.
  9. TradTalk Main Forum
    I'm looking to buy the Incinerator series, but would like to talk to someone who has it first to see if it's worth the expense. if you have this and some free time please give me a call. Tony 614 915 1322
  10. TradTalk Main Forum
    Anyone try shafting from Hildebrand?
1-10 of 13 Results