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    I'm having a new bow built and considering my quiver options. Should I have it tapped for side mount or limb mounted? Pros and cons please.
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    Hi guys, I´m the happy owner of a tribute, which is probally the best bow I´ve ever shot.. Had it since they where released and never going to get rid of it... I´ve always shot it with a plunger.. The other day I would set it up with the little shrew that comes with it as a side plate.. Im...
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    tomorrow i am picking up my ILF barebow it's some kind of trad tech bow( i cant remember which one) it's been mine for a while but i never picked it up i liked the polaris so much. also i didn't want to slow my progress by switching to new equipment when i was in the fastest part of my learning...
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    Just wanted to post some helpful info for those wanting to shoot off the shelf but also be able to adjust the side plate more easily. I think everyone knows most plunger holes are drilled and tapped 5/16-24 fine thread. After going to my local Home Depot, Lowes and Ace, all I could find were...
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    A few people have recommended the below guide to understand tuning. How does side plate thickness affect arrow flight? From the website: "Fine tuning of arrow spine can be done by going up or down in point weight, arrow length, and adjusting the side plate thickness on your bow." It describes...
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    So I recently picked up a satori and like many I am not a fan of the bulky Hoyt grips and wanted something a little different. I considered doing "the push hockey tape" technique but thought I'd put my wood working skills to the test first and modify the stock grip into side plates. For the...
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    Since Hoyt doesn't make a side plate grip that fits the Satori I decided to make my own. I used the factory grip to make them. It took a little bit of time and patience but I think they turned out nice. I absolutely love the feel! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  8. TradTalk Main Forum
    Does anyone know if these will fit my Satori? Thanks, Carl
  9. TradTalk Main Forum
    I'm experimenting with rests. I like the execution of the NAP rest. Simple solid design. Not impressed that they didn't continue the threads of the bolt right to the end. Only a few catching on my Titan riser (I've read the flipper model is even worse). I'm shooting Gold Tip Traditional Blems...
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    Hey all, I have a Morrison 17" ILF Aluminum riser with SHORT KAP limbs on it. Last week I was tired of fooling with it and trying to find what was causing the noise so I took off the Centerest Flipper rest, the single brass pin sight pin with bracket and I checked to make sure I have teflon...
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    Gentlefolk..after publishing the slomo vid of my arrow launching off my Hex7 Ch?...someone elsewhere asked if I could capture a slomo vid of the entire bow as viewed from the side...which I did...this is that vid which I thought I'd share here as well as others may be interested in seeing the...
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    Where can I purchase this item? Im looking on Pat Norris Archery and they do not have one there. It looks similar to the springy adjustable but it has a side plate.
1-12 of 87 Results