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    When using an intentionally high nock set (3/4" and up)to shrink gaps (i.e. Dewayne, John) is there a tiller adjustment that will facilitate the desired effect, or is adjusting tiller counterproductive at that point? I assume this is essentially an intentional mistiming of the limbs to launch...
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    What's the best way to shrink my Damascus glove?
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    Has any tried the NAP spin vanes already attached to heat shrink tube. You just put it on a arrow and dunk 10mm secs in boiling water?
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    Does anyone know where to get some small shrink tube? Small enough for the spring rest or a flipper arm. I used to buy it from goldenkeyfutura but since they went out of busness I need to find some more and get restocked. Going to try the WD40 spray tube but past experiances it doesnt like to...
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    What's shrink serve and is it any good? Just saw a reference to it and I'd never heard of it...must be new...
1-5 of 5 Results