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    34# short KAP Winstorm carbon/wood limbs Offering my 34# (on a 25" riser; 40# on a 17" riser) short KAP Winstorm carbon/wood limbs (made by Win & Win). They're in excellent used very little condition. I bought these new as backup hunting limbs and they've only been shot a few times. I...
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    Looking for a 15” or 13” riser right hand. Will also take a complete bow in the 45# range.
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    I'm thinking about building a shorter hunting bow. I think I am going with at 15' riser. I like the Bivouac, Morrison and Das. The questions I have are what limbs are people running on the short risers? How are people liking or disliking the shorties?
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    Anybody shoot a 54" AMO bow? Or even shorter? Seems like it'd be handy. But not sure how it would shoot, tend to pinch the fingers due to the angel, or etc. Wouldn't it have less velocity than a bow of same draw weight but longer AMO? Just curious to hear from somebody that shoots one.
  5. Bows
    58" Galaxy Sear riser w/ Tradtech 50# short limbs. New limbs shot only 50x $350 No trades Sent from my SM-G960U using Tapatalk
  6. Bows
    Hi, as the title says I'm looking to buy a Hoyt buffalo preferably in blackou. they've been discontinued unfortunately and have been wanting one since I've known they existed (about 7 years[emoji23]) hopefully someone wouldn't mind getting rid of one my budget is about $300 may can go a little...
  7. Bows
    Limbs are in excellent condition. Very little in the way of wear marks. 51# at 27" draw on a 17" riser. Super short limbs. Make a 56" bow on a 17" riser. Purchased new at the Traditional Bowhunters Show in '19. $550 tyd. Paypal accepted.
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    Hi all, Looking for advice or help pls with shooting shorter risers with a longer draw length. I have a 31” d/l and I have a selection of different risers of different lengths. I have a 25” riser with long recurve limbs (actually it’s a Border Tempest with Wiawis limbs) but I also put the...
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    Anyone else draw length challenged? I’m at like 25” and mid 40lbs draw weight at my length. Been shooting a few years now and am trying to dial in my setup again. I had it dialed in with a bow that very recently had some unforeseen troubles. So I’m sort of scrambling before elk season gets here...
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    Hi all, I am new member from Finland and found this forum recently. Have been reading tons of great knowledge about archery👍 I have question: I have made myself a takedown recurve for hunting. It is short bow, only 59,5 inches nock-to-nock, and my draw lenght is 29,5 inches. Riser is 15", so I...
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    Been shooting my Samick SLB ll longbow for a few years. While on vacation I had some downtime to do a some thread reading and web surfing in the evenings. Never had a recurve and and accidentally ran across a great deal on a NIB Martin Saber recurve package for $125 (normally around $300) so...
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    Hi all, I started playing with a fixed crawl on my 60” Morrison max 6 setup (15” riser, long limbs) and no matter what I do with the nock points, the arrow comes off quite nock low. It’s apparent from 5yds to 30yds so I don’t think it’s bouncing off the riser. My theory is that with my 31” draw...
  13. Warfin' Wall
    I'm thinking of trying shorts on my BB Warf. I draw right around 28 3/4. Whad'ya think? will I be getting into stack land? Reason for shorts is that I would like a bit shorter bow for hunting. Thanks!
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    Have a 10oz shiny steel barebow weight on my Excel right now. Balances the bow perfectly. Is there anything I can replace it with that will be as heavy and short, but also dampen vibration? I use a Limsaber S-Coil on my Titan, which is perfect for it, but far too light to offer any balance for...
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    Is there an advantage to a 27 inch with medium limbs as a oppose to a 25 inch riser with long limbs, relative to Barebow competition and stringwalking?
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    Hi all, I have a Hoyt Helix riser with medium limbs which I’ve matched to ACC arrows. 40# Stratex limbs which measure in @ 35# at my short draw length (25”). If I want to use short limbs do I need a stronger or weaker set of limbs than 40# to get it to 35# and match the ACC arrows? Do...
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    Need some input on limbs for a 19” Satori riser. I have a fairly short draw at 27”, and I’m on the fence about the limb length. My current Striker longbow is 60”, and I like the length. Short limbs with a 19” riser will be right at 60”, where the medium limbs will make it 62”. I’ve never owned...
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    Top o' the morning Gents. After a 10yr hiatus, I'm back at it. Have always shot woodies, off the shelf so, I am new to ILF and, am setting up for BB. Just started SWing. Amazing! I have heard that longer limbs can be a little better/more forgiving for this. But....I only draw 26". With that in...
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    As I mentioned with my last post, I have 2 Reflex/Deflex Longbows made a few years ago with the strings a little long for my use. I think I basically have them dialed in for now, but would like to get new strings closer to the correct size. Can I assume that my old strings are too long because...
  20. Watering Hole About ten minutes long