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    How’s it going TTNation. New member here looking for some input/confirmation. I have been tuning my bow and arrows and have everything pretty well dialed. I ended up on 5/8 nock high on my nocking point and getting AWESOME flight with no up and down movement in my arrows. But… upon settling at...
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    Cant believe this but Dr says it might be a "stress fracture". I started shooting a bow I havent touched in a while. The grip is funny and puts more stress on the wrist for sure. I was enjoying myself and over did it. Wrist was hurting a little but I ignored it and shot again the next day. Big...
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    Anybody try this? I was just out shooting in 5F. Did not go well, lol. Not sure if the equipment behaves differently, the muscles are too tight, or the clothes too bulky but it was about the worst practice session I have ever had.:waaah: I think my new rule is going to have to be over 20F only.:(
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    I picked this 1973 SK off Ebay a couple months back. It is a 50# 60" bow and after getting it i thought I screwed up as I thought it might be too much weight and was going to resell it.. But after shooting it for a while I find it to be a pleasure to shoot. Very smooth drawing and quiet. I'm...
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    Has anyone here ever found the difference in arrow speeds from shooting off the shelf to a rest and plunger button?
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    So on both my local outdoor and indoor range there are racks built with hooks or pegs to hang your bow on while retrieving your arrows. They are clearly for compounds. Is it save to hang my recurve on those racks? The only way I can do it is to put the peg/hook between the limb and string (sorry...
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    I've been chasing my tail trying to achieve good arrow flight for over a year. I tried nearly every arrow configuration I could put together. I got so frustrated that I just put down my recurve altogether. I just purchased a Black Hunter recurve in 35# draw to work on my form. My other bows...
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    I'm currently shooting 100 grain field points and 100 grain Montec G5 broadheads, and they both fly just fine for me. But I'd like to try some heavier 2 bladed broadheads that are more traditional. I'm shooting a recurve that's 49# at 28", but I draw it to 31". I'm shooting Beman Centershot...
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    Am I the only one who finds this impossible? I'm blown away when I see guys shooting in a 10 gallon Stetson or a baseball cap. The physics of it just dont work for me even with a very short billed hat. The string hits there first before I reach anchor. Being as I live in a cold climate and...
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    Wondering about this. I've been shooting about 3 years consistently, and Ive found as time goes on I feel I need to shoot fewer and fewer arrows in a session. Currently, I find 30-50 arrows to be about the sweet spot. I used to shoot 100-150 arrows per day and just the thought of doing that now...
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    I have always used tabs, even many years ago when I shot recurves. Now 9 months in to recurves shooting with tabs either 3 under or spit I’m thinking about trying a glove. I am shooting 35-45# 62” recurves for fun and plan to hunt with it one day. I want protection but not so thick I loose feel...
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    My wife has long slender fingers and we can't find a shooting glove that fits her properly. The typical large gloves are too loose for her fingers, and the small sizes though they fit snugly are too short to strap on her wrist. I bought some finger tabs for her as alternative solution but she...
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    I noticed something today while shooting three fingers only with a bow tuned zero tiller for three under shooting off the shelf . Pretty accurate out to around 20 yards , but past that I’m having to gap . While shooting around my backyard range this afternoon, I shot low using three under at a...
  14. TradTalk Main Forum
    A detailed précis of "Ishi style" shooting . . . Here : The best I've seen . . . regards, John
  15. TradTalk Main Forum
    Back in December 2014 I posted this question. It seems appropriate to revisit the question now that we are hunkered down protecting ourselves. What are some of the things you have damaged shooting indoors? By indoors, I mean in your basement, hallway, bathroom, etc. I have never shot an arrow...
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    To those people shooting thumb rings . . . . . . vet wrap is outstanding for both kinds of rings to prevent slippage . . . regards, John
  17. TradTalk Main Forum
    One interesting thing I have noticed about some tribal groups that use heavy, heavy longbows to hunt (e.g. Hadza, Waliangulu) is that they totally eschew finger protection. According to one study, draw weights roughly range from 70-95 pounds, and possibly higher. So, I tested it out for myself...
  18. TradTalk Main Forum
    Ivar Malde from Norway makes this look easy: Malde's shooting machine: As an aside, I've been looking on the Net at flight shooting out at the Wendover Utah salt flats. I am amazed at the level of dedication and commitment you lot have for this sport!
  19. TradTalk Main Forum
    I’m starting at 46D today. I will be shooting my yellow Sky Conquest. Stop by and say hi. Good luck to everyone! John “Chip” Heffelfinger
1-19 of 500 Results