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    I have the itch for a Hill style longbow. I’ve owned them before so I know they are slow and some have hand shock. I’m looking at a HH tembo. I can’t decide what grip to go with between the trad straight grip, dished or locator. Locator might fit me better since I shoot low wrist recurves.
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    Hi All, I'm new here. I've been shooting for about a year and absolutely love trad archery. The problem that I'm running into is that I need some sort of assessment to know if I'm being successful with my aim and skill. This might come from my background in weightlifting where you could...
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    Shot my first tourney this week, my new GT riser is sweet I tried to shoot as heavy as I dared as I didn't have any arrows under 650 spine, 32# was too much weight for me and arrow flight wasn't great, I was okay for 20 shots then things went downhill as I fatigued. A friend gave me some 780...
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    Hi all , I was just curious about the approximate ratio of stringbow shooters compared to compounders at field archery clubs globally. In New Zealand it seems to be about 75% compound vs everyone else. Certainly at my club this is the case and elsewhere I go seems roughly the same. Are there...
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    ASA has recently decided to build a presence in the northeast, starting with an 'introductory' shoot next month in Mass. The following classes are recognized in the rules - Traditional 25 yards, 280 FPS, Unknown Bow must be either recurve or longbow without wheels or cams. No release...
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    Im looking at getting a decent longbow something like a Fox TC, Omega Imperial, etc. This will be a target/3D bow and I draw 28". I notice most of the "big names" in the LB class shoot 70" longbows. While I am not totally opposed to shooting a 70" bow, would it really be that much better than...
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    I'm looking at purchasing a bob lee recurve abyss 66 or 64in. With either the 19in or 23in riser. What are yalls opinions. As for a better power stroke. I'm 6'6 32in. Draw. Longer riser med limbs or 19in riser with xl limbs
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    I've seen a few youtube videos of these types of archers and I notice immediately after the loose, their bow tilts and pivots downward, about their hand. So, why do they balance their stabilizer kit in this manner?
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    Started shooting a bow November of last year, finding it to be incredibly enjoyable. The bow was a little Samick Discovery R1, and now after shooting friend’s bear grizzly, Spigarelli 650 club, and the WF19 I just picked up (thanks to Warden415) I can say it’s a damn fine little bow...
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    I'm almost to the point where I need to replace the string on my ILF bow (Gillo G1 25" w/ Uukha EX1 EVO2 mediums). The string is in good shape all except where the serving bends over the string groove on the limb tip. I'm not sure if its the type of serving used, or the edge of the limb tip...
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    All my friends and tradtalkers going to Vegas. Shoot strong and have a great time. I’m there in spirit lol. Chad.
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    I was wondering with shooting a horse bow and using a thumb ring why do you draw so far back and with such a long arrow. Do you have to draw past your ear. I have seen a couple shooters use a thumb ring and drew to the side of their face and shoot with the arrow on the left side of riser wit a...
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    I shot my first league tonight. We are shooting the Vegas multi color 300. I shot a 238. I lost a few points using 1 arrow that was quite a bit shorter than the other two on the first three rounds. I am shooting 30" arrows with 200 gr tips. My gap is about two feet. Are you guys using full...
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    When you are at full draw shoulders down and expanding where is your string in relationship to your riser? Where is the string at the beginning of full draw vs the end of expansion just prior to release? Does a string aligned to the right edge of the riser indicate good alignment?
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    So here's my situation. I used to shoot a TD recurve with a mediterrannean draw. Got good enough with it that I could place in a few local tournaments. 2 years ago I made the decision to shift to thumb draw and shoot a legit traditional Korean bow. After about 1 year's worth of serious practice...
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    Thinking about trying some vanes as wondering what would work the best and also what rest you are using. Thanks Walker
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    I sat down tonight to send an email to my friend Mike Frizzell, an outstanding shooter and an inspiration to me to try to get better. We communicate all the time about working to get better. After I wrote it, I thought that it might have some information that would help newer shooters. I...
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    Good luck to all the great traditional shooters who will be at IBO World. I checked the shoot times and it looks like the number of traditional shooters is down. But, some of the best shooters in 3D, and frankly in every other competitive traditional shooting in the ENTIRE WORLD will be there...
  19. TradTalk Main Forum
    How 'bout sharing your experiences at the nationals?
1-19 of 126 Results