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    I understand that conventional wisdom is to set centershot so that the arrow tip lies just outside of the string blurr. But why, other than to allow for string roll off of the fingers? I would think that setting for true centershot, if possible, would yield better tortional stability.
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    Got a dozen new shafts over the weekend and am going to set up a couple of them to try using fletch to the nose contact as a draw check. Is there any systematic way of going about that, or is it guess and check? My current ideas are to set up 3 arrows with 1/4" difference between the setback and...
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    Hi guys, I have a 17” Tempest inbound on which I am going to install my Raptor longbow limbs. Had those limbs on a 19” Tempest but thought they were a bit noodly and so should be more stable on the shorter riser. Anyway, keen to try shooting off the shelf - both my other Tempests use buttons...
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    Hi everyone I have a warfed BB riser coming either Friday or Monday, depends when it is delivered. It will be once set up, my first recurve. As you may imagine, I have some questions. Also, I am pretty new to archery in general as I purchased my first compound less than a year ago. I have...
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    Turning 50 I find myself dropping bow weight but not loosing energy thanks to todays advancements in Recurve technology. Here is a review on the newest Border Archery production Hex 8 limbs on my Covert Hunter Risers.
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    Is it legal to use your finger/hand etc. to set your point of aim in NFAA field Traditional class. I have always heard that it is not legal, but am getting some conflicting information. I know most people use something on their bow to help set gaps during the shot sequence.
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    So I watched The Push the other day and have been chewing on it for about a week now. What a wealth of information for a newbie like me. Matt presents the information in a way that emboldens the viewer to think, "hey, maybe this IS doable." I decided to go out and try the fixed crawl. I...
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    I was reading the chapter on tuning by Don Rabska in the book Precision Archery. He mentioned that the center shot is set with the arrow tip just outside the string so that the arrow is aligned when the plunger is depressed. I always set my bows up this way but I had not heard this explanation...
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    Figured we all like to look at bows. Sent from my SM-G900P using Tapatalk
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    Trying to get my 15" Phoenix riser setup for this season and was wondering if anyone knew how to measure brace height on this riser? Got a call into Bob but, if someone knows right off hand, it would save me some time while waiting.
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    Just wanted to see if I am on track and not missing something. This spring I would like to construct 4 target bosses to accommodate some various forms of outdoor barebow target shooting (field round, 900 round). I would like to score these throughout the shoot-able months I have have here MN and...
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    Hi, first post on the forum! I am new to traditional archery and I am in the process of setting up my bow. Is there any benefit to lining the limb pocket with felt before installing the limbs? Also what about sting groove felt do you guys recommend it? I will be hunting with the bow primarily...
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    I don't know what others do or think on this subject so I'm interested in opinions. All My ILF setups have been on min bolt setting, to me it seems to give the most stable tune, just wondered what everybody else prefers and why. Any serious research/testing been done on this?
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    I bought my wife a SF Forged Plus Riser for Christmas so that she can experiment with a longer bow shooting a rest and a plunger. I have never set up a bow like this. I have looked at the Internet and found a good thread on Archery Talk. I looked at videos on Youtube. My feeble mind can't...
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    24 targets is it an even number of faces, 6 bunnies, 6 x 40cm, 6 x 60cm and 6 x 80cm, I got shooting distances but do you shoot one arrow from each of the 3 shots? That kind of info, it's been so long and so few rounds I just don't remember. Thanks
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    For a while now I have been spending what shooting time I can do working on holding and release drills as that was my issue. Just recently I've been noticing soreness in my left shoulder and trap so using a mirror I can see that my bow shoulder has got really high and tense. Do you guys know any...
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    Hi guys.....As a few here know...I;m brand new to archery and to the point that I want to start learning to fine tuning my bow.... Its a Wing Presentation......the serial number and info panel says that its a 69" bow and a 37# draw at 28"...and my draw length is 26.5 inches here it is The...
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    This will be my first IBO worlds in the longbow division. I'm just curious how everyone is setting up their arrows? Shaft material, point weight, and fletching set up. Thank you, Scott
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    Recently I noticed turning my elbow out started rolling my shoulder in. I am working on a low/back shoulder seen on a coaching video and wonder what the proper technique is for setting it? I saw Rods method in MBB but even doing that I can be at full draw and lower it a lot(or so it feels)...
1-19 of 45 Results