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    I have a bow project that calls for recurve limbs with the angled butt/wedge. Thanks Si
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    W/W NS wood core limbs set for sale ,like new one 1 set #34/68'' $540.00 tyd 1 set #38/68'' $5440.00 tyd
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     W/W NS wood core ilf limbs set 1 set #34/68'' $ 520.00 tyd 1 set #38/68'' $ 520.00 tyd
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    I have 15" DAS with 6 set of limbs: Marked 34, 45, 45 (longbow never used), 50, 55, 60# The riser has just been blasted to remove black paint that I felt could be remade. Now I haven't chosen colour so I let the new owner proceed with that. All the fittings-DAS system and grip is in the plastic...
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    I have a set of samick discovery r3, foam carbon limbs that do not have the same curve shape. If I set the limbs next to each other the one limb curves up sooner and the tip is about 1” different location. Anybody see any concern with using these? Not sure how will effect accuracy or other...
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    Im back again. I had the springy shooting well on my JCA riser so figured I should screw everything up. Slapped this new free flyte rest on the satori. Set nock height at .675 out at range bare shafts asked for right at about .750 Then, the full length .300s with 311 grains that flew off the jca...
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    Was curious how other people have the Titan risers set up. On my JC optima riser Im shooting an accutune and feather rest.
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    Can someone please tell me the size of the set screw on the locking rings of cushion plungers? I believe they are 4x40x 1/8" but not sure.
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    is there a "best" distance to set the arrow out from center on a centershot recurve? not new to archery or trad archery. had got out of trad for a few years and just started shooting seriously again. disclaimer----IM A LEFTY had an omp hunter #45 stashed in the closet, and bought a galaxy...
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    I have not been shooting at all this past year due to work, finances, and some shoulder issues. I decided to get set back up for the season but, my normal 50 is too heavy right now. It’s amazing how fast you lose those muscles!!! Anyway I am gonna grab a set of 40lb limbs but, I was hopping to...
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    A week or so ago I posted about getting a warfed BB riser. I have it now along with a set of limbs. I couldn't get longs in 24lb as planned from the shop I go to, but got the next closest thing they had in longs without having to spend twice as much money: I went with 30lb instead. The limbs are...
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    I'm looking to compare limb mass between as many sets of preferably medium ILF limbs around 35# for comparison purposes. All I need is the mass of the limb and the weight of the tip placed on the scale with the butt resting on the table. Measured in grams preferably. Limbs I'm specifically...
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    Awesome set from Huff Custom Leather.
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    Looking at a set of good shape Grizzly Stick Quarbon Nano 2 limbs, but can't find the new cost to know what a good/reasonable price is! Anybody know how these limbs compare to A&H limbs both durability wise and performance wise?
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    Gillo is here and is a stunner. No pics you greedy bast...s as I am tired and wanna go to sleep. Coming up on a rough week of duty at the Coast Guard so wont have time to play with my new toys ( couldn't if I wanted to as I am waiting for a string). Now to my question.. Here are the parameters...
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    Thinking of building a cousins daughter a riser and adding Ilf dovetails. I am thinking 13 inches and a short set of axiom limbs. 16 degree limb pockets sound about right? I figure she drawing right about 20-21 judging by my daughter who is a similar size. I’d like the bow to be about 20 at her...
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    25s appear to be more popular in 3d and Indoor. Is the only advantage of the longer 27" riser for string walkers? Or can you feel a difference on your fingers with the longer riser?
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    Set up for Black Wolf riser? Have a new WW Black Wolf 17 inch riser with a set of trad tech extreme limbs. What kind of rest to use with plunger, as the riser is cut 3/8" past center. Stick on risers don't seem to extend far enough to get the arrow tip left of the string.
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    I finally picked up a pair of Hex7 longs limbs for mt TT Titan II. Has anyone ever tride this set up? It will make a 62" bow. I draw 27 1/4" the limbs are 49#@28 0n a 25" riser, on 17" probably 55#@28. Tradtech recommends a 7 3/4 - 8 1/2 brace height and a 58 3/8 string Borders chart...