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    I have an IPhone and I’m looking for an application to track my target scoring. I would like to click on target and auto score that way and be able to switch between a few different target faces and games. What do you all recommend? -Tim Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    "Scoring"...seems it's often times a hot topic as while some do?...some don't...this is me explaining why I usually don't...and often times it's not by my call as follows.... In the 12 Step rooms of Addiction?...we addicts often times need to take into consideration where each other might be in...
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    Is anyone using a 3D scoring app for iphone that they like? Currently using paper but I can't read a small scorecard. I use one I made up that fits a 6x9 clipboard but this is cumbersome, especially if it is a little rainy. Like today.
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    i currently use a paper score sheet when I am on the 3d range. For a while I was using a spreadsheet on my phone but, with my crappy eyesight, that became a bit of a trial. I am wondering if any of you use a 3d score sheet ap that might work better. The ones I have looked at seem to be pitched...
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    I shot another marked 3D today, again using the 11,10,8 scoring system that seems to be popular for marked 3D shoots in my area. For this system, kill is 11, vitals is 10, and wound is 8 (usually 10, 8, 5 for unmarked shoots). To me, this system is essentially hit/miss scoring for compound...
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    Do you prefer proportional or non proportional scoring and why? This is obviously a tournament archery question though your preference can be based on hunting. Proportional scoring is where your score is proportional to how far you are from then center of the target, such as you find with the...
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    I found this some place and wanted to get a opinion or two on the math do ya think its a good system? exspecially the "ham" part!! :help: Trad only league gets shooters that fit in everywhere and some get discouraged and drop out 2/3 of the way thru.
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    Now that im retired i have more time to devote to archery. I was looking at shooting 3D tournys. I want to shoot traditional class. I think thats off the shelf no sights ,no string walking or face walking same anchor and same arrow? I think the yardage is 0-30 yds. My question is what are the...
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    I thought I would give that indoor 300 a shot (pun intended) I shot it outdoors, which Im quite sure would disqualify me... :) I posted one of my 10 groups (the best one I shot actually) I think I have this right. Is the below picture a 2x 29?
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    Hi all, question on scoring. If an arrow is touching the line does it score the higher or lower value. I want to try a round but want to score it the right and fair way. Thanks, Todd
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    Scoring the Vegas/NFAA/etc indoor 300 round I'm trying to figure out if I'm doing this right. I don't have someone around here that is knowledgeable so I came to you folks. I'm trying to score the 300 round. I have the single 40 cm face and have shot this at 20 yds (18M) 60 arrows. My first...
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    I am going to my 2d 3D shoot tomorrow. It will not be competitive. Neither was the first. Nevertheless I would like to keep my score for the purpose of measuring my progress. Not sure exactly how the scoring works. I actually saw some small critters with two sets of rings. What is the...
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    Ran into this last weekend. I'd scored myself the old way, 10,8,5 at a previous shoot, not knowing about this new scoring and gasped when my 260 score was beat by someone shooting about 290. I wondered who that might have been. I can't imagine the logic behind this scoring. I did fairly well...
1-13 of 13 Results