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  1. Bows
    I wanted to tip you all off, I recently received a private response to an ad looking for a Morrison Phoenix 19" riser. The individual has a recently registered account here by the name of calvinstockwell3. It quickly became apparent that this individual has registered on this forum in an...
  2. TradTalk Main Forum
    Need to report a scam how do I do that here?
  3. TradTalk Main Forum
    Hi guys please be aware I have just received a scam email through the Tradtalk personal messages. Could any mods please check it out in my personal messages. Thanks
  4. Political Soapbox
    I keep hearing about climate change. There is a lot of money being given out by the Feds to research this issue. The evidence isn't convincing. It reminds me of he government mandating fazing out incandescent light bulbs for CFLs. Someone made losts of money off of that decision. Just look at...
  5. TradTalk Main Forum
    In the Warfin Wall. "Cheap Provantage" thread. rambo73 ??? Says he's from Canada, but no "eh". :)
  6. Political Soapbox
    Fourth year running that warming alarmists have had to be rescued from expeditions to prove the Arctic is warmer than it actually is. Seems it's just too damn cold! Arctic ice has slowly increased since its big low in 1997. Why do they persist? Because the Green Movement is really about...
  7. TradTalk Main Forum
    Hi was sufing tonight on ebay looking at guitars. This is best ebay scam iv seen yet. you can experience this till ebay removes it. I reported but we will see how long it takes. go to and put in this # 7408777155 THIS WILL KICK YOU TO A PAGE SAYING YOU MUST SIGHN IN AGAIN DO...
  8. Watering Hole
    WARNING...New Credit Card Scam. Note, the callers do not ask for your card number; THEY already have it. This information is worth reading. By understanding how the VISA & MasterCard Telephone Credit Card Scam works, you'll be better prepared to protect yourself. My husband was called on...
  9. Watering Hole
    Anybody seen this lottoy scam, I passed it onto the Fraudwatch international site ([email protected] I think it only targets people outside of the USA, becuse it's hard to trace and take legal action against these people. FROM: THE DESK OF THE MANAGING DIRECTOR...