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  1. Bows
    LEFT HANDED 17” Hoyt Satori Riser with medium 40# TradTech Blackmax 2.0 limbs. Brand new Triple T strings and cones with travel bag and everything in came with new. $500 Tyd
  2. Bows
    I have a Gamemaster 2 that’s RH #[email protected] with short limbs. Both riser and limbs are camo w/ wood handle. Pretty sweet bow.. used as my hunting rig. If anyone has any questions or want more specific pictures let me know! Will come with carry case, original string along with string that’s currently...
  3. Bows
    Hi all, Up for sale is a Satori with wood grip in buckskin color. It is in immaculate condition. I will provide detailed pics. Includes all paperwork and tools, a fast flight string from Stilldub, camo string puffs, 40# Black Max medium limbs, Jager low grip, and bracket for running regular...
  4. Bows
    19in buck skin with medium Hoyt carbon limbs 50 @ 28 right hand with springy rest and new Custum string bow and limbs are in great shape 700.00 can send pics
  5. Archery Accessories
    Found one
  6. Bows
    Hoyt Satori. 40# med limbs on 19" riser Very good shape with very little normal wear marks on ILF fittings. Comes with SBD string, custom wood and Jager grips. 650$ tyd. PM for more pics or ques Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  7. Bows
    Looking for a left handed 17” or 19” Hoyt satori riser.
  8. Bows
    Due to nerve damage in my left hand/arm it appears my right-handed shooting days are over. So... I'm offering my right hand 21" Hoyt Satori riser for sale. I would rate the riser as in very good used condition. It has a few use marks, but nothing remarkable. You'll get the riser fitted with...
  9. Bows
    Looking for a 19" Satori Riser. Preferably in Tan. If you have one feel free to PM or text me at 325-656-1208.
  10. TradTalk Main Forum
    I’ve used the limb calculator on Uukha website, but I’m looking for some real world experience before purchasing. Goal is trying to get close to 45-47lbs @ 28” max on medium limb. Thanks
  11. Bows
    Selling my 21” lh satori black counter sunk berger for springy rest. Long max 6s 46 at 28 have residue from limbsavers. Comes with rcore and jager grip 700 obo pp tyd
  12. Bows
    I got a left hand 21" black Satori riser in very good condition. I'd like to trade for a 19" riser. Will only consider: Morrison Phoenix HXD TradTech Titan III Satori
  13. TradTalk Main Forum
    What’s everyone running I’m just looking for a good starting point 19 in riser medium limbs
  14. Bows
    Ill get some pics up. Black 21” satori lh. Berger is counter sunk for springy rest. Got a real nice rcore ktenos high wrist grip, Wood grip I modified with sugru for a real high wrist and a jager med wrist... cant remember but I think its a 3.0. Ill throw em all in for the right deal. Just want...
  15. TradTalk Main Forum
    I was looking at these two bows for my next bow and wanted to get some opinions on them. I know there is a price difference but I think one of them would do me well as a step up from my Samick Sage. I am looking at a fun bow with a set of light limbs and a set of heavier limbs for hunting. I...
1-15 of 154 Results