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    Long time since I posted. Getting back into archery after several years recovering from an accident. Been shooting a 45# Samick Sage, which I really like. Sort of hate to admit it since I have a DAS Elite, DAS Gen II and a DAS Tribute I can play with, as well as several DAS conversions done by...
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    I'm trying to help a friend find a replacement fitting (or pair) like the one in the attached photo. He lost the cap screw, spring, and plunger from his other fitting and would like to find replacements. Please send me a PM if you can help him out. Sent from my Moto G (5) Plus using Tapatalk
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    Selling my samick discovery riser 17" I repainted and re-finished the wood grip, very good condition. Asking $150. Also if interested I can make it a package with 35 lbs OMP reaper riser in short making it 58 " total lenght and flemish string for $250 TYD.
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    I have a Keshes recurve takedown 62" #40 that I bought when I decided to get back into Archery. I appears to be a "knock off" of a Samick Sage 62" recurve takedown. I've put a lot of arrows downrange with it in the last 4 months, and it's worked out great. Here's my question: In all the...
  5. Warfin' Wall
    Are they a direct fit? I dont want to cut the limbs at all to make them fit because I want to be able to use them with my sage riser. I've heard this is a good bow candidate for a frankenbow, but it's not worth it to me if Ill have to cut all my limbs to fit it. Thanks.
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    Hi, I have a 35# Samick Sage which I’ve owned for 4 months. Shoot split finger, 8” brace height and nocking point bare shaft tuned to 3/8”. This week the bow has started making a pop/snap noise once the bow is strung and the the bow is shot for the first time. The string is a fast flight Flemish...
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    I am looking to upgrade from a 62 35lb Samick Sage into an ILF bow. My main purpose is a recreational target and 3D archery. My draw length is 28. While researching different bows, I stumbled upon Samick Discovery riser and I really like the look of it. However, many people recommend a longer...
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    50lb 62" Samick Sage limbs for sale at $65 tyd in continental US. They have never been used. I have 2 pair available. tks Dennis you can text or call me at 512-589-3800 or pm me.
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    Anyone have any experience with these limbs? Wanting to try foam cores and wondering if it’s worth it to buy these or save up some more to get something more expensive.
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    Can anyone recommend a good modern quiver to mount to the samick discovery riser? I want to shoot with it on so it needs to be quiet, have dual arrow grippers, hold 5 or 6 arrows and room for feathers so they don't rub or make noise. As far as broadhead room goes I would be using something the...
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    I copied this over from a 2012 post that he added his question to the bottom of. I figure this will help get more attention. Aloha everyone - my first post as a relatively new archer. I have a 62" Samick Sage and am trying to buy new limbs. It looks like Galaxy took over Samick and the Galaxy...
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    I was looking at ordering a Samick sage bow online and I noticed it said youth bow in the description, although it also said it was a 62 inch bow. I didn’t know that there was a Samick sage youth bow, is there? I think they might’ve got the description wrong. I did text the seller and I’m...
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    Counting the set of ILF limbs I have on my Hoyt conversion riser , I have three sets of ILF limbs left over from when I owned a Hoyt Excel riser and what I believe was an ONYX riser . It’s been nine years . I do remember liking the Excel . Today , I ordered a Fleetwood ILF riser and...
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    Hello! I’m looking into purchasing a bow that will be used more for stump shooting and casual target archery and wanted to get something with a lighter draw weight and lower cost than my hunting bow. I’ve narrowed it down to either a Samick Sage or the Alibow Turkish. I can shoot thumb draw...
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    Thinking this will be my next bow, it seems to have everything I want at a good price. Does anyone have one?
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    I had been thinking about getting back into recurve bows for a while. I started with them 50 years ago for about 10 years then compound bows. I have missed the feel of the sting and tuning to my bow. As I was doing my research I see much has changed in bows. I kind of knew the specs I wanted but...
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    Anyone try these or know anything about them, they say there made in Korea.
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    Want a 58" rig, 45-50#. Dunno if I should get the Black Max 2.0 carbons or what? What other brands/models would make a good hunting limb? I had a Tradtech a few yrs ago w reg wood/glass TT limbs and it was decent. Want something a little better limb wise. TIA
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    Thinking about trying an ILF bow. Is anyone out using a Samick Discovery riser? What do you like / dislike about it? I’ll probably go with 40# or 45# limbs. It seems reasonable on price and at this point I’m sure I want a machined aluminum riser. I’m sure carbon is great just not ready to turn...
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    Hey guys, New gal to the forum and fairly new to the world of all things bow. I've been doing quite a bit of reading in the forums here, super grateful for y'all, and figured it's time to start asking questions based on experienced opinion because, man, this is one hell of a rabbit hole...