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    John A Saluki . . . a dog bred for speed & hunting . . . :cool: John
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    Arrows for a for pound Genghis. This tim you can not tell me what to buy. You got to set me bow to make them work, 11/32" spruce. 50--59# 32#. I'm Mediterranean draw is 28" but in understand that this has little to do wishing, I got arrow point from 200 grs. to 50 gas how can I make these...
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    Is the "X'' with the feet with the feet most idiot poof to string a Genghis?
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    Hi,all: I'm Planing to order a new saluki(Lukas) horn bow and not sure about which one shape is best of Lukas' product.. Going to place a bow order: 60#@34" Thumb trill. Someone said that Tatar,Turkey and Crab bow is his best good at. Is it real? It will be graetful to hear your advise...
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    I was shooting a bow I had not used in months. Robin Hood with the yellow, followed nine shots later with the red. Saluki Ibex; Carbon Express Maxima Blue Streak Select arrows. Fun, but a bit expensive, too....
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    About ten months ago my go to Saluki Ibex bow came to a sticky end, by way of a f150 truck driving over it. Lukas Navotney of Saluki bows has worked his very, very, special magic and made me a new Ibex. This bow is 60 inches long and has an Ipe and Tiger Maple riser with full inlay. The limbs...
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    It warmed up to -13c today so thought I would play a little. Both bows are 50# and shooting Heritge 150's with 125g points 5" helicals, 460g arrow, I want to use these for Instinctive class in Fita 3D. On paper I figured the Pinnacle with W&W Winex carbon\foam limbs should be faster and more...
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    Ibex owners... I am working on tuning some new shafts for my Ibex... How is the shelf cut? I seem to recall that it is true center (neither to center nor past center). Correct? Thanks!
  9. TradTalk Main Forum
    For you folks that have shot Saluki Bows, how do you like them? I have already talked with a couple of people that have them, but would like to hear other opinions as well. I am thinking about buying a Turk to use out of the ground blinds. Here are a few of the questions I have. How long is...
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    I just traded one of my favorite RD Longbows for a Saluki Ibex "60 #[email protected]'m guessing it might be purty kwik... It's got a few huntin' nicks, but I sure don't mind. I'm not an eye candy guy... Be fun to try a different design and I'll post my first impressions and pics when it arrives...
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    My Saluki Turk arrived yesterday 54” 50lb @ 28”. Now logic tells me that an ultra light, short, fast bow should be unstable and not really that accurate but these bows seem to defy logic, today I was shooting it out to 70 yards and felt it was at least as accurate as my Longbow maybe even a...
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    Anybody any experence of these bows, I'm considering buying one and want to know which the best model and how they compare in stability and performance to other Bows (i.e. would it be better to compared them to Longbow or Recurve stability/accuracy). Thinking I like the look of the Ibex best...
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    Ok all, I am jumping to a rest, I think. I am not sure how compatible my bow is with one. It slopes almost immediately from the shelf going up. Also, the rest, where the arrow sits on the shelf, is deeper than any other bow i've shot. I almost think that it reduces accuracy, because of the...
  14. TradTalk Main Forum
    Checked out the website today, very cool looking bows. just wanted to know if anybody has one and if they shoot as good as they look?
1-14 of 15 Results