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    Hoyt Game Getter II 62" 45 # @ 28", 21" riser Real Tree APG HD camo, bow stringer, finger sling, Wilson med Super anchor tab, & Leather arm guard. Rest is made of builted up felt. Bow is like new have only shot maybe 25 arrows. Arteriosus wouldn't let me shoot any more. Asking $475.00 TYD. If...
  2. Camera Land
    Camera Land News As we are sure you are now aware we have added a Just Arrived Section to our site. Every day when we receive incoming shipments we add that to this section. It gets removed a week later so this new section is constantly updated and cleared. Worth keeping an eye on for sure...
  3. Bows
    Item has sold...
  4. Miscellaneous
    The Stump Shooters Archery Club has a Phoenix aerial thrower for sale. Near new condition with the rack completely full of disks. We simply have no place to throw aerial targets safely. Located in Mitchell, SD. Please contact if interested. Thank you.
  5. Camera Land
    Month End 2 Day Call In Sale - Super Savings Make sure to check out Notable Arrivals, New Super Deal Bundles & Discount Section We are getting very aggressive this weekend on call in sales. We got many e-mails saying that guys missed last Saturdays 1 Day Sale so Today and Tomorrow call in...
  6. Camera Land
    TODAY ONLY - Call In Sale - Saturday 1/23/2021 Looking to be busy today so call us, 516-217-1000, and you'll be very happy with the deals you'll get. We will hook you up on what you're looking for. If you're in the market for Sport Optics, Cameras, Tripods, give us a call. Nothing to lose and...
  7. Bows
    SOLD Hi All, I have multiple sets of Border super recurve limbs, so I'm selling one set that is a little outside my personal draw weight range. These limbs are in fine condition, and I have shot Less than 100 arrows with them. They come with limb savers attached and factory Border sleeves. I...
  8. Bows
    🎯FOR SALE: $1?-CentaurArchery Triple Carbon Elite Take-Down w/ Dark Matter Riser Listed on eBay as a 99 cent auction... I can't post links yet so search this item number in eBay to find it... Ebay item Id # 5338273189 ( This bow is in Pristine...
  9. Bows
    Yay! I picked up a long Wing Presentation II riser (22" long end to end)... and three sets of limbs: 69"/35# 68"/33# 62"/23# (Crazy length for such a light poundage... these will be keepers for me for letting folks play with a great piece of american archery history.) subtract 4" and add ~ 2#...
  10. Bows
    Both sets are basically new limbs and hardly used at all. Dryad legend acs-rctv long 40# limbs recurve $450 obo MK L3 carbon/wood recurve limbs 36# longs $325 obo pics coming later
1-10 of 500 Results