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    I have just received a Safari Tuff S/R Transformer bowscase from Rod Jenkins. The case fits my Border C/H perfectly, I am impressed with the quality and functional aspects of my purchase, thanks Rod. Hobgoblin (Lancaster UK)
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    Rod Jenkins and his SAFARI TUFF CASE'S need no introduction but I'm so pleased with his new SUPER RECURVE line of cases I thought I would make a video on them It's nice to see great Archery Equipment companies making prouducts to accommodate we Super Recurve Shooters I know my Covert Hunter...
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    I had never heard of safari shoots until I moved to Washington from the Midwest about a year and a half ago, and I don't see discussion about them on the boards from elsewhere in the country, so is this pretty much a Pacific Northwest/Northern Calif. thing?
1-3 of 49 Results