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    Just received a big rock pharos, paid $180 on alibaba. I have to say, I am pretty blown away by the quality of both the riser and the limbs. Are people interested in a little review?
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    Anyone shot one or have one what's your thoughts on them?are they quiet?dead in the hand?
  3. Faith and Fellowship
    No, not that actor-dude (Dwayne Johnson), but...the Original Rock. Peter. The guy who typically engaged his mouth before his brain. Yeah, that guy. Let's talk about him. (All quotes NIV) Here is our first glimpse, in Matthew 4: Jesus Calls His First Disciples 18 As Jesus was walking beside the...
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    Just wanted to let everyone know that the Rock Shoot is coming up April 24th-26th. If you are close to Washington try to make it. It is a very fun shoot. Chris
  5. Watering Hole
    Liam, Aaron and I spent the last few days on a wild mountain river. To get there we had to traverse rattlesnake ridge, and then go beyond the end of state maintenance by 15 minutes or more...
  6. Watering Hole
    One of the spots I found while hunting in So. Arizona...(cheesed photo, I can't re-size from file)
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    I've been brainstorming clever ways of making my Best Moon balance a little better by adding mass in the place where it will have the greatest effect. Plus I'm having to keep it NFAA legal by not screwing any weight into the stab bushing. The attachments are what I've come up with. Total weight...
  8. Trail Cams
    Nice one! by JRoark75, on Flickr
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    The famous Rock Shoot will be in Moses Lake, April 13 to the 15th. Here you can find the flyer.... this shoot is a blast!
  10. Watering Hole
    Straight ahead rock and blues/rock has almost died as a genre. Too many off splits becoming weird or commercial. Maybe some here will enjoy these as I do. joe bonamassa
  11. Watering Hole
    Grafton turned 15 this week. So we took a little time out for a fishing adventure with our good friend Uncle Matt, and explored a new part of Kentucky we'd never seen. It was so cool, on this wild mountain stream, that I thought I'd share it with you. So here we are, somewhere between...
  12. Watering Hole jer
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    Anyone here planning on going to the Flat Rock Stickbow Carnival this coming 15/16 of May???? It's a pretty darn good shoot. 40 targets in some awful tight places. Lots of vendors and people generally go there
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    We are told that it is useless to paper tune shooting fingers and that there also needs to be a button or side plate for the arrow to rest against. However, there are people that regularly do, despite what the self appointed experts say. Even our local pro (who owns the State Field record and...
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    I've been shooting that roadbow quite a bit and a couple things are very apperant. At42# it's easy to draw back 28". The speed loss is far less than expected compared to my 55# Stallion pulled 27". The other thing is my release and bow arm are more solid with the Stallion, the higher weight. So...
  16. Faith and Fellowship
    I was going through the fox news stories and I saw one that interested me. It seems that there is a Christian Ministry in Manhattan comprised of punk rockers, metal heads etc. They look the part with piercings, mohawks, died hair, etc. The preacher, a young 20 something punker, quoted scripture...