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    Looking for reviews for those of you who own one or have owned one.
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    After being a rifle hunter all my life and not missing a shot since i was 16 (49 now) i simply got bored and lost interest so i decided to try bow hunting for the challenge and after doing my research i decided on traditional bow hunting but leaning on the primitive side. I will be hunting on...
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    Had a great shoot at Indian River Archers today with 5 of us single string types...Joe on a Bear Grizzly, Dennis Piper on his Ricky Welsh Longbow, Mike on a Bear Super Kodiak, Julie on a Lucas Novotny Saluki Horse Bow and I shot my Border CVX Limbs on a 25" Border ILF Wood/CF ILF riser and we...
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    I recently got a Big River longbow. I can't find much information about them online except for a couple old threads. Has anyone shot them or know anything about them? It says "Dark Horse" on the back and also has the name of the guy it was made for originally. I think this is the 21st century...
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    Well?...despite a stressful week?...I made it! :) fatzboys (Kyle) showed up at my place at 7:00am and we made the 50 mile drive north and I'm glad we did as the Club Secretary was there which meant we could get our annual dues paid and renew our annual membership passes too the clubs range...
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    The new 3 rivers catalog show the Zipper Z4 limb and RGS are now in the line up for the Dalaa line. I looked on the 3 rivers site and could not find the limbs advertised. Has anyone shot the Zipper Z4 limb in an ILF configuration or as a takedown? What are your thoughts regarding the Z4?
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    Just stopped for the night on my return trip to ND after a great weekend spent at Raptor Archery at Rod Jenkins' Shooting Clinic. I was badly injured in a fall back in April and wasn't able to do any shooting. Both Rod and Ted told me not to worry, that not being able to shoot would not limit...
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    I leave in a few months for a float trip down the Amazon I will be primarily fly fishing and using light tackle but ............. I'm bringing a recurve to see what I can get done. I was looking for a setup that was packable and that could be used for Bowfishing and regular shooting and excel...
1-8 of 28 Results