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    So I sold my stash of risers I have used over the last year or so for competition. I always like to have two of everything. So got 2 new Hoyt Xceed 27” risers, stepping down a bit from 29”. My first one is jet black and setup currently for indoor and Now ASA 3D. Put my medium Win Inpers Pro...
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    Does anybody make a 13" all Carbon ILF Riser?
  3. Warfin' Wall
    Good evening! I wanted to see what is the best way to strip paint from a bow riser (original paint) in order to paint it up. I’ve seen where folks have used Airplane Stripper. Seems like nasty stuff for sure. I’m working on a Bear Black Bear Riser and a Hoyt Spectra.
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    ANYONE know the brands of some 25" & 27" ILF wood risers? an old friend just called me and is trying to start out a new guy interested in traditional archery. new guy is a LOOOOONG draw guy and is into the vintage part of it, wants WOOD, might be ok with ILF. LATELY some folks on here were...
  5. Bows
    I have 2 TAC 19" Firefly Risers, I will probably keep one of the 2 Red Anodized with tool-less tiller bolts/weights by Anton with simple flipper rest. No harmonic dampeners but it has the ridge to add them if you want. No grip, but I can throw in a roll of grip tape. $285 Green anodized has...
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    I have started to accumulate a few risers. When not in use, they don't store wll on my bow rack and I'm growing tired of them taking up space on my workbench. So, for those of you that tend to have a more than a few risers on hand, how do you store and/or display them, particularly when they...
  7. Bows
    I have two Hoyt Pro Vantage risers to sell. $80 each plus shipping. These make great WARF bows as they are one of the very few risers cut past center. These risers have not been adapted to ILF yet. One riser has a 2R grip One riser has a 3R grip Shoot me a note if you are interested or want...
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    What do you think about the Tribe ILF riser?
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    I found this to be "very" interestng.
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    Just noticed that one of my recurve limbs have a nasty crack (!) They are long limbs which on a 25” riser would make a 70” Olympic bow. But I have been shooting them on a 19” riser. Should those long limbs be able to cope with being on a smaller riser? They are 40lbs @ 28” but weighed wotf...
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    Hi, I'm doing a research about limb pad angle of ILF risers. Would you please share the limb pad angle of your risers? I measure the limb pad angle of my ILF: Gillo G1=15° Gillo G2= 15° Best Zenit=16° Thanks Martin
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    strong enough for risers..... I've had several, and liked them quite a bit. Strong enough to be thin, evidently, as they don't seem to be real thick in sight windows. ALL I HAVE HAD used molded not-removeable grips. Do you reckon they could make one with a grip frame like a titan / dalaa so can...
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    I am new to archery, and have a Hoyt Alero riser set up for Barebow/string walking. I have a couple of Yost weights added to two lower attachment points. My question is: is there any real advantage between this setup and a dedicated Barebow riser such as those sold by Gillo and Spigarelli? It...
  14. Warfin' Wall
    Are warf bows better than modern aluminum risers? Or is it just a cost thing - get a good riser at cheap price? Seems like these have been a thing for awhile and would guess any benefits would be built into new metal riser designs... or not? Sorry... put this on main forum before I realized...
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    Are warf bows better than modern aluminum risers? Or is it just a cost thing - get a good riser at cheap price? Seems like these have been a thing for awhile and would guess any benefits would be built into new metal riser designs... or not?
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    Am slowly piecing together the mysteries of ILF type bows. Let's say I buy a 25" riser from Curly's Archery Extraordinaire, then a set of long limbs from Moe's Marvellous Bows and Arras. Given the 'standardization' of ILF (?), will the limb pad angles of Curly's riser automatically be correct...
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    A clumsy question for those that know this stuff: Could someone kindly explain to me the effect of varying a bow's riser and/or limb lengths? I cannot wrap my head around how changing one or both lengths affects the bow's performance/shootability/characteristics. I'm looking for a 35 to 40#...
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    I'm looking at Max 6's. I'm wondering what the expected poundage change is when going up to a 25-27 inch riser. has anyone done it yet? I know with the big hooks, things get goofy with the poundage to length rules.
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    I've been out of keeping up with archery the past few years and was wondering who still makes or are there any new entrants into the ILF market who are making 13" risers. I usually like 58" and 60" bows with my 27" draw but there were a few situations that a short 54" or 56" would have been just...
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    I have a Sam done up Rambo and bear riser and am just now getting around to limbs. I have about 29” draw and am wanting about 40-45. Do I want mediums or Kong’s and what’s a good starter set of limbs? Thanks again Jon