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    “Victory” thumb ring designed by Gao Ying . . . The wood is Lingum vitae (Guaiacum sp.) and minor adjustments made to fit my thumb. regards, John
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    . . . the 2nd iteration of my Ottoman/Mughal ring . . . The first (original) is made of African Blackwood. The 2nd iteration is made of Quebracho wood - the “axe breaker” wood for those cutting it - I went on the Mughal side for this one rather than Ottoman side. The overall height is 1 mm...
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    I have been shooting with a thumb ring lately and am shooting both horse bows, with the arrow on the right side of the riser, and conventional recurves with the arrow on the left side. I find them both to be accurate and both have some advantages. My scores with the conventional recurve are...
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    I started shooting a horse bow with a thumb ring. I am putting the arrow on the right side (I’m right-handed) and drawing the bow to a modified olympic-type anchor. I am canting the bow to the right. This way of shooting feels very natural and organic to me. Because of this low anchor I am...
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    I flipped from a glove back to a tab and the outside end of my ring finger is getting very sore. What am I doing? dragging my finger. Never had a problem with this before. Mike
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    I ordered 2 strings from Allen a couple of weeks ago; one for me and one for my 5 year old's new bow that I got him for Christmas. The timing couldn't have been more perfect as the strings arrived on Christmas Eve, giving me enough time to put it on Evan's little Samick longbow. Only thing...
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    . . . new ring (to the left ) & old ring (to the right) . . . . . . the new is a Mughal style & old is a Ottoman style . . . Throw it up the flagpole, and see who salute. regards, John
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    Just saw this - finally someone made one widely (soon to be) available. If you ever wanted to make sure your bow was WA BB compliant here you go: It's not cheap, but it looks like a multipurpose tool...
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    As y’all know I went to Rick Welch’s school last week. Great experience. One issue I am really having trouble resolving is plucking the string. I also notice after shooting that my ring finger is usually sore. Makes me wonder if my ring finger is the culprit or an indicator that I’m plucking...
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    Pretty damn close to being a release aid while still being "trad"...
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    Thumb ring . . . or . . . shooting glove . . . you decide . regards, John
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    Who uses a Thumb Ring instead a tab or glove? What are your reasons and do you have any tips for someone like me that might want to try a Thumb Ring?
  13. TradTalk Main Forum
    Who uses a Thumb Ring instead a tab or glove? What are your reasons and do you have any tips for someone like me that might want to try a Thumb Ring?
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    but beautiful nonetheless - "Fragment of a bone archer's ring found at Dura Europos, 3rd century AD" Enjoy, John
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    I used to shoot a korean composite bow bare thumb, but that was when I was only drawing a 30# bow. When I eventually moved up to 50#@31", I started using a thumb ring because... well, because it was painful. Problem is some of the competitions I attend don't allow thumb rings in trad...
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    So here's my situation. I used to shoot a TD recurve with a mediterrannean draw. Got good enough with it that I could place in a few local tournaments. 2 years ago I made the decision to shift to thumb draw and shoot a legit traditional Korean bow. After about 1 year's worth of serious practice...
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    . . . freakin' perfect Form . . . on a horse no less ! Awesome. John
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    An Adjustable Single Digit Archery Tab (by Scyth) - Material : 1.) Velcro band (adjustable) 2.) 2.5 mm leather bonded with 3.) 1080 denier ballistic cloth nylon for the face Life is easy . . . works like a charm (for my beat up and arthritic hands) Cheers . . . John
1-19 of 52 Results