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    So, I've been shooting barebow for a little over a year now. My rig is a Samick Avante with an 18oz weight in the lowest stab bushin, and Axiom 26lb limbs. Arrows are full length Predator2 800's with 44 grain half outs. I recently upgraded my rest from a cheap $10 bolt on flipper with a lot...
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    According to his test with one bow, there was no significant change in arrow velocity, even with a large change in brace heights. I cannot help but wonder if he might have had a different conclusion from testing more than one bow.
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    My friend has finally got his site ready. It contains a ton of information on bows and limbs. Go here and also like him on FB. It's the only place available for real data for Trad gear. Also check out his podcast on episode 100 with The push.
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    Hej Guys, I am playing first year with barebow and string walking, after few years in the instinctive WA category.. I am getting little strange tuning results, so I would like to consult with you if anybody had experienced similar results. My set-up: - Gillo G2 riser with SF Elite long limbs -...
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    Howard Hill was said to have said "hunting or target shooting" make your own choice because the two do not mix. Or words to that extent. Some people claim to be poor on paper but lethal on fur. And for the most part get laughed at in some circles, but support from others. No guessing which is...
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    Im stumped on this one and cant sort it out. Ive had issues with opposite tuning results for awhile now, but always managed to get something to hit down the middle. By opposite I mean weak arrows hitting right and stiff arrows hitting left (Im left handed). This pertains to fletched mainly, but...
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  8. TradTalk Main Forum
    Here are the Day 1 results for the IFAA World Field Archery Championships Alan Eagleton leading the pack with a 455 for the non-sighted recurve shooters
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    Have been working on grips for the last few months since I scored a 20+ year old Hoyt wheelie for playing out in the forest - next step was to pick up a used target wheelie Apex 8 which has a really excellent grip as part of the riser; between these two I realized that it was time to reevaluate...
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    The Prime Suspects: (4) Test Shafts of various spine, weight, wood and shape...all measuring 29"s from nock center too B.O.P. and wearing 3X4" LW Feathers... (1) 5/16ths Parallel Mahogany Spined 40# (1) 11/32ndths Parallel Mahogany Spined 48# (1) Tapered 5/16nk-11/32pt Mahogany Spined 43#...
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    It appears that Team 2 is using Calvin Smock as its lady and is getting away with it! Does this mean he/she shot from the ladies' stake? One team has 2 ladies and is the only one set up that way on the IBO results page. I was under the impression that there was to be a lady on each team if...
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    No one has posted the Trad results fer the ASA Realtree Championship. Come on fella's, big boy RU shooters. Lets see it in black and white!
  13. TradTalk Main Forum
    This was forwarded on to me and I thought some would find it interesting : Here are the results of the British Record Status Cumbia Flight Archery Championships on 2 August. Cumbria some good some not quite so good, The conditions were not ideal a moderate cross wind later veering to a...
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    "The Title": is what I sit here pondering this morning as I stare at my brand new dozen GT Ultralight .700 Spine Shafts...Left Un-Cut and still at their full factory length of 30"s EOC-EOC...Bohning Double Click S-Nocks inserted...12gr Threaded Inserts installed....yet despite having 10 cleaned...
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    I'm sure everyone has measuring stick for their skill level and personal goals. Some may base it on an average IBO score, 300 round, or hunting goals. I curious. I'm thinking my standards may be a little bit lower than many. I've not shot a IBO thing or done a 300 round, and for now I'm...
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    With the recent purchase of a dozen .700 spine GT Ultralights requiring that I both drop poundage from 32#s too 30#s....coupled with the need for 85gr points off my 68" Inno Max/Expower rig and even then acted a bit too the weak side full length?...yet they bare shafted great w/ 125gr combo...
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    Moved back to a shooting glove when I correlated poor release with fingers that were too tense & realized that with tabs I couldn't get a deep enough hook to work for me getting a loose hand - looked at all the shooting gloves out there & decided in the end its more about form anyway so I just...
  18. Hunting Camp
    I live in a state that has a draw, so let's hear if you drew a tag and for what. I will be hunting spots this year. Didn't draw a tag. On the other hand I will be guide/bear medicine this elk and antelope season for my son. So I win ether way. Chad
1-20 of 92 Results