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    I am looking to purchase a Springy rest, or maybe a couple of them. I need right hand and would consider the standard or micro tune model. A variety of spring weights would be ideal. Thanks
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    So, I've been shooting barebow for a little over a year now. My rig is a Samick Avante with an 18oz weight in the lowest stab bushin, and Axiom 26lb limbs. Arrows are full length Predator2 800's with 44 grain half outs. I recently upgraded my rest from a cheap $10 bolt on flipper with a lot...
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    Why the different springs, do I need a heavier spring for a heavier arrow, what are the weight limits for each spring.
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    Hey! New to this ILF stuff and I really didnt know what I was getting into when I bought this Samick Discovery, what with all this tech stuff and tuning but anyway here I am and I have a question. It was shooting better than I could but 3 R suggested a Vista rest/plunger combo that was really...
  5. Bows
    Glued in plates. I'm just focusing on my other bows. Kind of a pay it forward, Thanks to everyone on here for all the advice and help I have gotten over the years. I don't post alot but the information has been awesome. Kind of a pay it forward, All you pay is shipping to your door or if you...
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    My first bow was a Howard Hill "Westley Special", 50#@28. I shot it for a few months, split finger instinctive, and got nowhere with it. Eventually I put it away and forgot about archery. About six months ago the bug bit again, and I have been shooting barebow recurve (USAA rules) in a league...
  7. Bows
    Black Bear warf riser with stabilizer and bear weather rest. $110 TYD, you pay pal fees. It shoots great I am just going to focus on the new Dryad I got.
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    I wonder if anyone could give me a recommendation for a wrap around type recurve rest/plunger button combination to fit a Border Tempest 23" riser please? I'm using a Mybo hotwire magnetic rest on a 25" Tempest at the moment, with a Shibuya plunger, for my Olympic Target setup, but just fancy...
  9. Bows
    Hello! Looking to put together a Barebow setup for a compounder that has been thinking about Barebow. The last ingredient I need is a good arrow rest. Anyone have a AAE Free Flyte Elite right hand arrow rest they don't need? Thank you for looking!
  10. Archery Accessories
    Like new, just need new stick tape. 30$ tyd, PayPal only PM if interested Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Ok it’s been awhile since I posted but what elevated arrow rest is everyone using for hunting? I have use the t300 hunting rest with plunger for years but don’t feel it’s the one for me anymore I want something more sturdier I do have a metal naki magnetic I never used but feel it would be noisy...
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    We started our WA field league at our club recently and I would like to get the most out of my set up. I have a 23" Hoyt Matrix riser with short 40lb Ultimate Pro limbs, my DL is 26", arrows are full length Platinum Plus 1913 with 64 gr. nibbs. Fingers. I am getting accustomed to the meter...
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    Aris from Rcore grips just reveal it It has new downward progressive resistance (like a magnetic plunger I guess) feature, taking away downward wire play It reduces crawl like the zniper rest according to other bb archers <--- can someone knowledgeable explain why is that? Thx
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    What would be the best rest options if i wanted to shoot a fixed crawl,3 under on a 19 in satori?
  15. TradTalk Main Forum
    Is there a unified theory? If not, are there any strong more specific theories?
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    I'm trying a berger button on my hunting bow (metal riser) and need some suggestions on a magnetic bolt on type rest, with a wire spring arm for bowhunting. Needs to be solidly built to handle heavy hunting arrows, silent, and dependable. Also want it to hold the shaft securely, so when I lift...
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    I have a Bidrop and ZT rest, both of the wires are fine on them. I'm wondering if the local hardware stores carry the wire material to make a replacement should the need arise. Has anyone ever done this and is there a certain brand and type of wire I should be looking for? A replacement bidrop...
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    I am lucky enough to own a Bear take down "C" riser, ~1969 vintage. The rest installed is a bristle type, in a rectangular shape and recessed ~1/8" into riser. As the original rest area is cut/recessed into the riser, it seems likely I can find some modern rest which could be trimmed to fit...
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    i am now shooting a galaxy crescent with carbon foam limbs and a nexus a1 plunger with a hoyt super rest. i love the bow after shooting it hard all week. it is more accurate then i thought was possible for me :) probably why i love it now i would like to change arrow rests to one which is a...
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    Okay, I'll admit it, I'm stumped. I've been at this awhile...okay much longer than awhile but I'm suffering from age denial. I've shot mostly wood riser bows off the shelf for a long, long time. I'd describe my aiming method a bit of a cross between gap and split vision. Here's the...