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    I've watched the evolution of all the "hex" numbers of border bows with great interest. I was one of those who saw their beauty and performance early on. I have this one piece recurve that is still one of the highest performing bows I've ever owned. Not sure if it even had a "hex" number.
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    I have a one piece Reiver, 47#, 60". it shows 1140ED and is a few years old. I'm not sure what Hex limb number it is, and am real curious as to what the performance difference is between it and the latest version.
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    They seem to have these bows that pop up with no description. I know they're inundated with comms so thought I'd reach out to you good folks...
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    Hello! My first post here! I just picked up a used Border Super Reiver CXC, 45#, 60" and I'd love to know when it was made and any other info bout it. I was told to message Sid but I don't have enough posts to send PMs yet. :-/ LOVE this bow! BEAUTIFUL! Accurate! Fast! And a joy to shoot...
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    I'm considering the Border Reiver and would like some comments from those that own them. Thanks, Brant
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    Every one has the Covert Hunter on there mind , and rightfully so . I would like information and pic. for the Border Reiver . Thank You Rick May life's simplest things bring you the greatest pleasures !!!
  7. TradTalk Main Forum
    Hi all Can anyone tell me if the Reiver has the HEX 6 limb profile and materials ? Thank You Rick May life's simplest things bring you the greatest pleasures !! !
1-7 of 8 Results