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  1. Bows
    I have a Red Wing Pro Slim Line Recurve, 58", 50# @ 28". I am the 2nd owner. This bow is MINT. The number on it is SLR 3-4275. I am sure it is an early to mid 1970's bow. The sight was installed at the factory. There is no hazing in the limbs. The finish on the riser and the limbs are...
  2. Bows
    As it says, I keep my eye out to add to my DAS collection. I already have a red DAS Elite and would love to add a few more colors.
  3. Camera Land
    Winners Chosen - Next Drawing is October 3rd. We will choose 4 lucky winners, each receiving a Meopta MeoSight II 3 MOA #547070 This month we are giving away 4 of the Meopta MeoSight II 3 MOA #547070 Instinctive, fast, dangerous. When your situation calls for this type of shooting the...
  4. Camera Land
    We have some awesome Meopta opportunities for you. Some of these are on our web site and some we just have ones and twos of so we did not put them on our site, so just call in, 516-217-1000, to place an order. Meopta MeoStar 12x50 #490000 reduced to only $849.99 Meopta MeoSight II 3 MOA...
  5. TradTalk Main Forum
    What is max for Red stake at Trad Worlds for Cub and Eagle?
1-5 of 65 Results