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    My comfort poundage is 40# with a max of 45#. What are some of the faster one piece recurves to look at for a hunting bow? My current bows are 62”+ and I’m comfortable with that length and have never shot one shorter but would consider a bit shorter bow.
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    I'm new to this field, and I came here because I inherited a couple recurve bows that I wanted to become proficient with. I'm learning a lot, but I've never shot a longbow, and I have a question about them: Is it generally true for bows with the same length and poundage that the recurve will be...
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    So what do you get in higher dollar recurves over less expensive recurves? I’m not talking custom made but the more pricey manufactured ones.
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    I see a lot of people use carbon arrows but not much about aluminums, is one more popular with traditional archery?
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    I was wondering what heads are people hunting with? When I figured out how I want my bow set up after trying different things I ended up shooting off the shelf instinctive, that’s how I shot years ago shooting recurves. My bow tuned well with full length 600 and 150grns. So I bought Magnus...
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    Hey guys, I just bought me a new spyder xl recurve, and I'm wondering if I can use it in 20 below temperatures, is that too cold, will the limbs break or crack? Thanks a lot.
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    Can anyone fill me in on what's up with RER? Website for stone point isn't working, and Im not seeing any social media activity this year. Thanks!
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    As a mostly recurve shooter I ask this in genuine ignorance, but as a general rule as I understand it, a recurve will stand a dry fire, an accidental release of a partially nocked arrow, a string breakage at full draw more so than a modern laminated longbow. If so, then breaking a limb on a...
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    I’m going to do the majority of my recurve hunting with a #50 Browning Nomad Stalker and #57 Bear Kodiak Magnum. I’ve been shooting GT 340 Traditional’s off the shelf with 225 grain single bevel heads. Both bows are shooting the arrows well but the KM is a tad more finicky but has more speed...
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    I have a lot of bows...started collecting Bear Kodiaks back in 1980. Then went to other brands Wings, Hoyts, Howetts etc. Also into more modern longbows and recurves. Big problem as I got older I went from shooting 75# to 40# bows. Got rid of most of my real heavy bows at least down to 60#...
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    They seem to have these bows that pop up with no description. I know they're inundated with comms so thought I'd reach out to you good folks...
  12. TradTalk Main Forum
    Hey folks, As I am playing with my new set of MAX5, I am really struggling stringing my bow. Are there any stringers out there that you recommend for big hooks? Thanks,
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    I remember starting that term on here. As a means to define a recurve that is too big to work without the use of cross weave carbon. I have just been told that all these technologies were available by a bowyer who has followed the super recurve route, before Border introduced the idea. So...
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    Has anyone had a chance to put one of these things through its paces? I have always been impressed with the pointability and forgiveness of a forward handle bow and those big hooks look like they would really zip an arrow.
1-14 of 87 Results