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    Heres what you need to know: I have been shooting since I was 8 but never really learned much other than to shoot. My draw length is 29" I am looking for a takedown recurve bow. Looking to use for target practice and my father may end up taking me out for a few hunts for small prey like...
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    I am planning on getting this bow. Thoughts, opinions, better suggestions. Heres my info: Draw weight-between 35 and 45 Draw length-29" Looking to hunt small prey like rabbits and use it for target practice I want a takedown recurve bow preferably below $300.
  5. Bows
    Looking to get back into traditional archery after many years away and remember enough to know that I shouldn't restart with my old 55# recurves that sadly, are much harder to pull back than they used to be. I'm looking for something in the 30-40# range, preferably recurve. I'm partial to older...
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    Selway slide on recurve model. Foam is pretty worn $55 Sent from my Pixel 2 using Tapatalk
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    I have a set of excellent condition Left Hand Wes Wallace limbs to sell. They are for "The Mentor" riser. Snake skinned with prairie Rattler skins. they make a 66" bow with a draw weight of 61#'s @ 29". Asking $450 shipped
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    Hello. I am new to the forum. I collect vintage recurve bows and recently obtained a vintage bow by Sartain. I searched the web and didn't come up with much except that they might have been made in Michigan. The model I have is a CC-1167.
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    Up for sale I have a RH TBow ILF Recurve, Very good condition, only normal mounting marks on the limbs. 62” [email protected] Limbs are marked 40 but scale 45 maxed out and 39 backed out 3 turns. I took this bow on a trade. These bows are pretty high quality for the $$ $255.00 shipped to lower 48 states
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    So on both my local outdoor and indoor range there are racks built with hooks or pegs to hang your bow on while retrieving your arrows. They are clearly for compounds. Is it save to hang my recurve on those racks? The only way I can do it is to put the peg/hook between the limb and string (sorry...
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    There was a thread not to long ago about the long bow version of these. Wondering if anyone has tried the recurve limbs and what they think of them.
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    A few years back, I received this little Samick Angel recurve from TT member Matt Potter when my grandchildren were very young. They've all grown into bigger bows, so it's time to pay it forward. The first TT member to message their mailing address to me will receive this little bow at no cost...
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    Is there one similar in size and performance? Is there one?
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    I want to learn shooting a recurve and looking for advise on a new ILF set-up I'm a short archer with 26" draw and likely to pull 40 - 45 lbs. I've been browsing the internet and kind of settle to some introductory ILF bow like Samick Discovery, W&W Black Elk and TBow or other ILF bow that you...
  15. Bows
    W&W WINEX (DAS Kinetic) recurve limbs, stealth finish (One set sold, one remaining for sale) I have W&W WINEX recurve limbs for sale. These were custom finished and sold by DAS as part of the "DAS Master Hunter package" (they were top of the W&W lineup at $580/set). The finish is a stealthy...
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    I have been an infrequent member for a while but haven't been able to shoot my recurve for quite a few years. Is there a section here where I can find answers to the following: - How to install string silencers - How to tie nocking points (and what material I need) - How to set brace height I...
  17. Bows
    Looking for a 17-19" riser, 60-62" AMO, RH, recurve in 40-45# range. Let me know what you have to offer.
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    This was recently found at a local second-hand shop. The photos show all I know about the bow. Please note the "I-beam" or "sandwich" of zebrawood-bubinga?-zebrawood. If there are any markings on the back, I'll have to remove the paint to discern them. Any assistance with make, model, and/or...
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    Hoping to find out the maker of this bow. No writing on the riser. Limb bolts are recessed, and limb core and lams are laminated for width. Top limb being notched for sight window is unusual too. Workmanship is better than a do-it-yourself bow.
  20. Bows
    In Mint Condition a 67” [email protected] T-600 Year 1969 Used very lightly if any. Perfect Condition Asking $435.00 tyd with paypal