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    Here is what I got. If I left anyone out, let me know and I will add it. Donation Give a Way Gift List Grand Gift: RH Dalaa riser, two custom strings, t300 or similar rest and maybe a little of this and that to go with the riser. custom made, endless loop bowstrings Second place drawing...
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    Folks, This is the last reminder, but I wanted to list what prizes were being given away. So here they are: Turnpike / Sportsmans Warehouse Prizes -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Here is a list of prizes for this weekends Sportsmans Warehouse...
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    Just wondering what it would take to host a Trad shoot that I could video and market, plus maybe do an instructional shooting video with the assembled shooters. I'd want to cheese it up, make it marketable...that means the guys would have to perform according to scripted "interviews," and play...
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    The Safecracker game has been reset. Play for free. 2 plays per person per day. All members are eligible. This month's prize is a Becker Necker Knife. Click on the Becker Necker link on the menu bar under our banners to play daily. Good Luck. :)
1-4 of 9 Results