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  1. Watering Hole
    Hey guys. I'm not soliciting donations from the community, but shares on your social media page. He is such an awesome dog and has had a really cruddy hand dealt to him. We rescued him a couple months ago and need to fix him up! Shares and reaching across social media are what make this thing...
  2. Faith and Fellowship
    I found out my daughter died in her sleep so prayers please
  3. TradTalk Main Forum
    Delete if not allowed. Master Bowyer and good friend Jim Neaves wife(she's a military veteran) has fallen on some physical hardship due to the Veterans Administration lack of visual. Here is a link for donations. Their devoted Christians and great people. If you can't donate please include...
  4. TradTalk Main Forum
    Not going into specific details, but keep Sam Dunham and his family in your thoughts and prayers. They lost a 5 month old grandbaby yesterday.
  5. Faith and Fellowship
    Hey y'all, I don't visit this section of Trad-Talk as much as I probably should... But it came to my mind in a time of need. The more prayers the better I figure, please pray long and hard for us. We just found out this week that my brother in law Josh who just turned only 30 years old has...
  6. Faith and Fellowship
    Saw a post on the leather wall by Jinkster asking for prayers. Thought he had tick born paralysis but it now may be a stroke. Don't know jinks but I do know first hand the Power of prayer. I would ask you all to send one up for our brother in his time of trial! Thanks John
  7. Faith and Fellowship
    my Mom is 89, and wearing out, we had a conference with the DR. last Friday, and we called in the hospice team to help manage her pain & comfort. She's good, feels good as of yesterday, but there will be some infections wreaking havoc soon, and we'll have to "let her go". I'll ask for your...
  8. Faith and Fellowship
    Hi folks. If you could please, could you put lots of prayers up for Mike Shaw. He and his wife Sue run Shaws Traditional Archery here in Pa. They are great people and have helped a lot of folks get started in Traditional Archery. Mike will be going for a second opinion on his condition...
  9. TradTalk Main Forum
    Some of us who sometimes go over to The Leatherwall may be aware that Jim Fetrow (Dire Wolf) is in ICU and is reported to be in a critical condition. Jim is an exceptional man, full of knowledge, skill and generosity. Anyone who has ever been in conversation with him will know he's genuinely one...
  10. Faith and Fellowship
    Leon is 67, had a stroke in 1996, another today 2:30am. My sister Connie & Leon live in Pepin, WI. They are rushing Leon to Rochester, so I'll covet your prayers for them. Thanks in advance!
  11. Faith and Fellowship
    Would appreciate prayers for my wife's family. Her only sister was diagnosed with bone cancer in multiple locations. Plus the figure its originally from some organ. initial diagnosis is not good. My family has a long history with cancer, having lost a daughter after a 20 yr battle with leukemia...
  12. Faith and Fellowship
    Now I am nine weeks out from my heart surgery and it's time for an update. My eight week checkup with my cardiologist and pcp went very well. Still three weeks more with the life vest defibrillator and then a 2d echo. Then should be ready for cardio rehab I know I won't need a defibrillator...
  13. Faith and Fellowship
    Would appreciate prayers for my brother's step daughter -in-law. She is in the hospital right now in Denver where she is under surgery and treatment to remove gangrene that set in from a kinked intestine. When and if this is done she faces chemo to prepare for a bone marrow transplant because...
  14. Faith and Fellowship
    My aunt Betty (dad's sister) was moved to hospice today. She's been suffering with dimensia and Alzheimer's for a few years and according to her son and daughter she won't be with us much longer. Also one of my daughters,Amber,started having confirmed seizures this past Wednesday. She's been...
  15. TradTalk Main Forum
    Today I lost not only a mother but also my biggest fan, The last couple of weeks every time I would meet a new friend of hers they would say to me oh you must be the archery son. I will miss her very much but At least I know she is without pain now.
  16. Faith and Fellowship
    A friend/co-worker lost her stepdad last night. Unfortunately we live in SC and she's from Minnesota. And she doesn't have the money for a plane ticket. So please pray for Connie and her family here in SC as well as in Minnesota. Thanks my bowbrothers
  17. Faith and Fellowship
    Went to visit my Mom in the assisted living facility Saturday (she only live there because she was independent and didn't want to live with my wife and me). Got a call yesterday morning at 6:30 that she wasn't responding to waking up. My Mom passed away around 10:40 AM due to a massive brain...
  18. TradTalk Main Forum
    I'm asking for immediate prayers for folks in Moore, Oklahoma. An F5 tornado came through Moore this afternoon. It wiped out many homes, businesses, and three schools. Rescuers are currently working on one elementary school that took a direct hit. They have recovered 7 bodies so far, and expect...
  19. TradTalk Main Forum
    All, Rob Green suffered a Heart Attack yesterday. Both, Bisch and I saw Rob today. Rob is doing well and in good spirits. He is expected to be out of the Hospital in a day or two. He will be making some modifications to his diet, exercise, and stuff. Rob is a low key and humble guy so he...
  20. Faith and Fellowship
    Asking tonight that you will say a prayer for my Mother Marian. Her condition is deteriating and I would ask you to pray for Gods grace. She is comfortable which is all I can ask. John
1-20 of 55 Results