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    I want to use a 16 lb draw weight bow to focus on form, hook, release, etc. In addition, I hope this practice will help build strength after a long period of inactivity. What arrows should I use? The bow is a 66" takedown recurve and it can easily handle my 27.5" draw as it increases. Material...
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    I am approximately 35 miles north of New Ulm, Minnesota. New to the area. I am asking anyone in the area for ideas as to where I might find private or public land that I could use for traditional bow target practice. Unfortunately, the nearest club/range is close to an hour away. Thanks
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    Wondering about this. I've been shooting about 3 years consistently, and Ive found as time goes on I feel I need to shoot fewer and fewer arrows in a session. Currently, I find 30-50 arrows to be about the sweet spot. I used to shoot 100-150 arrows per day and just the thought of doing that now...
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    Posted the same to AT, but diversity of opinions and all that. After seeing so many success stories and recommendations, I'm considering trying a clicker on my barebow rig as a training aid. I've never used a clicker before, so my baseline is complete ignorance. I'd like to be able to use it...
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    Using this as a training tool for shooting off of a moving platform, and for shooting at moving targets. Was going about 12mph here on a pretty bumpy road.
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    I just made the German spruce woodies i'm shooting. I'm going to hunt with stone points this year. I have my points made and the point weight is matched within 3 grains of my 125gr tips on these arrows. I am practicing at 18 yds here which will be my max hunting yardage. Stone point accuracy...
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    I have noticed something. It seems like every weekend that I go to the range to shoot, I have to relearn how. What I mean by that is, its like I have to shoot for a hour before everything starts coming together for me. Usually I get to a point getting tired. To which I take a break and go walk...
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    Who practice in hunting shooting positions? I been a primary ground hunter and I am usually in a sitting/kneeling position very seldom have I been in a stand up position for a shot. Usually I try to work on my weak angle shot side with some canting from the open shot that present itself through...
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    I had my first archery practice and I am glad to say that the 8 months off did not affect my shooting. I went to the FITA range and shot 30 meters. I am not sure how many shots I took but I took it easy. So I have now climbed and shot and my shoulder is feeling good, though I do not have full...
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    i had fun making this video, i shot a 2-3week or so ago. i am going to shoot alot of video and play with probably beats me posting stupid questions trying to learn the sport... i make a lot of whitewater kayak videos and figured i would try some archery stuff too... enjoy
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    I'm thinking that a day or two of focused shooting form practice through close-range blank bale work, once a week or so, might be beneficial throughout the year.... Do you work on shooting form through close-range shooting at blank bales? If so, how often? Here's why I'm thinking this way...
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    As one commenter has already indicated...this can be brutally difficult. And at times dangerous. But always fun.
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    I got the latest GoPro 6 and I'm very impressed. I filmed a lot of the ETAR video with it and I was impressed with the quality of the image. I've always wanted to video a nice buck being shot and I've tried to use GoPro's before on my head to film but was not happy with the perspective. The...
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    Not a fun day at work the other day had my torch back flash on me blowing gas and flame trough my welding glove. So with elk season only 2 weeks away and our hunting trip 4 weeks away, I hope to heal enough so I can anchor and shoot by then. If not I'll be guide for my son 100% lol. Now to see...
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    Definitely the fastest I've ever tried to do this. Challenging as ___ (insert preferred expletive). Please don't ask me how I scored :D
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    I need some help building a ILF hunting bow. I have been shooting a samick red stag for 2 years now and am now ready to build a bow I can hunt elk with. I am looking for impute on what limbs I should buy, a few quality's I'm looking for is quiet and fast. I'm looking for 50-55# (28.5 draw...
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    I'm nowhere near where I wanna be, but compared to where I was several months ago, I feel way more in control. This is a really challenging form of archery, but it's tons of fun. It's something every archer should get to try at least once in their lives.
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    Covert Hunter Hex 7.5 medium. Great Northern quiver suggested by Joe Paranee (thanks!). Carbon Express Mayhem arrows (suggested by Jinkster- thanks!). with 175 grain stainless steel points from TopHat. One very dead zombie at 35 yards. No I don't shoot this well every day. I wish!
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    I'm getting a little bit better at this riding thing. Shooting at sitting trot is pretty bouncy. I couldn't get this horse to canter for the life of me, but at least it was good practice. The property I was at, the owner insists that everyone uses a thumb draw. I can go back and forth between...
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    Lately I have had some difficulty in my practice sessions and shooting more and more arrows trying to find my lost groove wasn't helping. After reading kenn's comment about eliminating the urgency to shoot, I took a different approach to practice tonight. I used only one arrow, lined up at...
1-20 of 108 Results