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  1. TradTalk Main Forum
    Ever notice that sometimes if you picture in your mind the exact shot you're going to make, that you'll make that exact shot? Beyond aiming, and beyond the mechanics of form, there's something in mental imagery. Not sure there's been much discussion or study into that but there's something...
  2. Watering Hole
    We're not going to take it !
  3. TradTalk Main Forum
    Which would you opt for? New tradtech or used innos? Thanks
  4. TradTalk Main Forum
    Anyone know what the difference is between these two sets of limbs? What W&W is closest to the TT RC Extreme Carbon limb?
  5. TradTalk Main Forum
    This is my second night without power after the big storm hit Southern California on Friday. A large eucalyptus tree fell on my neighbors house taking out the power line and pole. They have the 500 ton crane out now doing repairs. My range is full of eucalyptus trees. Not sure if any fell down...
  6. Faith and Fellowship
    Over the years I have been impressed with how powerful scriptural truths held within a song can be, nothing new or earth shattering there, I know. But, I was reminded again earlier this week during a small group meeting when singing the Chris Tomlin song "I stand amazed" at how powerful these...
  7. TradTalk Main Forum
    so i picked up a 250yd spool of 50lb test power pro spectra fishing line to use it to make a string. trouble is, after two tries, i havent quite figured out the right amount of strands to equal the diameter of my 14 strand B50 strings. im too thin. the first one, i did up with 20 strands and...
  8. TradTalk Main Forum
    I own a set of SF Ultimate Pro's and am thinking about picking up a set of Inno Ex Power's, but I am not sure what the difference is? Anybody have any idea?
  9. TradTalk Main Forum
    I know there has been much talk lately about a standard set of rules for BB. Some say it's easy to take a stab on and off a bow to adjust for different rules, with just a small amount of plunger tuning needed, others disagree. Well I had to test that theory today and in my opinion it's simply...
  10. TradTalk Main Forum
    Gentlefolk...I'd like to invite you into the depths of my deepest pondering of what I may do and what direction I may take upon the arrival of this new-to-me W&W rig I have headed my way and here's what I know thus far about these components.... Item #1...The 28#/Medium W&W Inno Ex Power Limbs...
  11. TradTalk Main Forum
    Here it is: I shoot 2315s with 150s out of a 32lb bow. If I shoot a bareshaft, as physics and all data predicts, it is way too stiff, and goes way left. Yet, I put fletch (4” vanes in this case) and within minutes of practice I can hit the center in arrow denting, nock busting, groups to 20...
1-11 of 48 Results