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    It seems that way to me - but I may be biased as my preferred weight dropped 10 pounds. It seems like it used to be in the low 50s on average and now its in the low to mid 40s. Is this what other people are seeing? Id be really curious to hear what any professional bowyers have to say.
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    I picked up a set of 27 pound extra long HEX6 limbs at the recent end of line sale at Border. My plan was to mount them to a 27 inch riser to give me a 74 inch stringwalking bow. I was hoping to get somewhere around 32 to 34 pounds at 32 inches but figure I might come up short. It came in at...
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    Hi, I have an other question.... What do you think, how many pounds could I gain with switch from a 46#@29" CV-H for the same preformance to a - HEX6.5 limbs or - HEX7 limbs ? Thank You in advance ! Zsolt
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    As a 17" Das for comparison, what kind of pounds one would gain with Morrison 15" Phoenix XD? Went through the data, but still confused.One comparison showed heaps of gain with Pro Accents, must be my reading skills. thank you, r.mika
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    I shoot a 12 strand 8125 string, nock fit is good but could be a tad tighter for my taste, I need to reduce my poundage for bare shaft tune and to slow the bow down. Adding strands to the string will also help put my point on up, which I want. How much does two strands slow a bow down? Or will...
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    I have a customer with a morrison 16" ILF riser that wants a set of limbs. What is your experience with the weight gain with these risers on standard limbs? The one I have here that's Rustys is a +8#. Mike
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    OK - this will, guaranteed, sound funny - But IF I use foam/leather and make my grip area "thicker" - won't that increase my bows poundage? I have a Bear target bow I bought in 1971 - it is 33x#'s. I draw a smidge over 28 inches. I want to use it in an upcoming 3D shoot that will have 40 yard...
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    Some of you might remember pics of a Swiss based bowyer's carbon longbow I posted here a while ago. I just came across a press release touting the same bowyer's recurve-- "Two Olympic recurve bows, manufactured from Gurit materials, smashed world records at the recent Archery Championships in...
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    What are the pounds per inch gain when your riser is shorter than the normal 25"? Riser is 21" and the limbs are 50# short G3s seriously thinking of having my target limbs converted to my gamemaster.. Thanks Chad
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    So I decided to back the DAS down a hair from 60#-58 just too see what happens cause it isn't any fun having adjusments if you can't screw with them and low an behold my accuracy goes up and it feels like this is where things really ought to be? So am I completly crazy or does as little as two...
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    Bickerstaffe's Medievil style longbows are 180 pounds, adding matching arrows that's 70 more pounds. With shipping cost about what would that run in american currency?
1-11 of 13 Results