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  1. TradTalk Main Forum
    How in the world does one create a new posting under the Trading Blanket? Man, I've looked until my eyes are blurring and cannot find a way to do it. This site makes a "Patron" membership available but I cannot find anything that describes what the heck it is for and why one would spend $20 for...
  2. TradTalk Main Forum
    happy new year all I posted a comment down on Ryddragon's post about his distance shooting with his Hoyt Satori. The thing is I tried to add a photo and only ended up with an oversized image turned sideways. My question was , and is: I understood images would now get automatically resized, plus...
  3. Suggestions and Issues
    How do you post a pic from a file on your computer, not a photo storage site??
  4. TradTalk Main Forum
    How do you post a picture that's not huge. When I post a picture n my add it's giant and the text is small
  5. TradTalk Main Forum
    Just a thought on my part. I typically post here and lurk on other forums. When I first found Tradtalk it was very different from other forums. The folks here seem to represent the edge of trad and constantly challenge the trad police. This community tends to adopt sooner than a few others...
  6. TradTalk Main Forum
    I'm having trouble posting a bow for sale. I've made three attempts. :( Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
  7. TradTalk Main Forum
    Hello everyone, I am having some trouble posting pictures here from an iphone. I read the faq and discovered that i needed to use a BB code to post it. However, when i went to use it i could not copy the BB code completely. Is there any other way on trad talk to post pictures? Thanks Sasquatch
  8. TradTalk Main Forum
    I had posted classified ads in the past a long time ago without a problem. Now when I post an ad I get a message that a Moderator has to review it and the ad never gets posted. Admin has been looking into it and can't see a problem so far. Is it something I can be doing wrong or is this a...
  9. Suggestions and Issues
    Will i be able to put up pic's ? Always could post straight from my "gallery" now i can't post at all. This is the only site where i can't post pic's.
  10. TradTalk Main Forum
    Are any of you experiencing issues posting new threads or "thanking" on threads?? I get error messages a lot of the times when I try to "thank" someone on a post that I like or agree with. If I leave the site and come back I find that my "thank you" has been posted. If I hit return to...
  11. TradTalk Main Forum
    Everytime I try to post something now I get this message. What do I do?
  12. TradTalk Main Forum
    Twice now I've posted my W&W Inno X-Lite riser for sale complete with photos and have twice received a message saying that my post will be visible after a moderator has reviewed and approved it. Does anyone have an idea about how long such a review takes? It's odd to not see a new thread after...
  13. TradTalk Main Forum
    Is there a "new" policy regarding posts with photos requiring moderator review? If long does the process take now? I tried posting some photos and text regarding a little bowfishing outing yesterday morning. When I tried posting the first time I got a message saying that I'd exceeded...
  14. Watering Hole
    is it possible to post pictures from an album on this site into a thread/post? I have searched & found nothing except to type in the BB code directly. ..and THAT does NOT work on my computer. plus, how the devil can I make that list of "related search" results from popping up along left edge of...
  15. TradTalk Main Forum
    Tried to do a few posts with Photos and the Admin has to approve. Looks like they arnt around much to do it though. Do I need to do something different to post Photos?
  16. TradTalk Main Forum
    I'm admittedly technologically challenged. :). Is it possible to post pictures to this site or AT or others directly from a smart phone or ipad? I know I can do it on Facebook but not sure about here. If so, how? If not, then how? Thanks.
  17. TradTalk Main Forum
    Ok I'm not computer savy. But I can download pictures from my camera to computer then the forum. Is there a way to post pictures from a smart phone to the forum? Thanks Chad
  18. TradTalk Main Forum
    I tried to post a thread and I received a waiting for approval message This is new to me. Can someone explain Thank you
  19. TradTalk Main Forum
    I bet there is a thread out there telling how to post pics here, anyone? Lou
  20. TradTalk Main Forum
    Is there a way to post a picture without it going threw another website?
1-20 of 38 Results