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    My three year old grandson, Ace River Reed. He really gained a lot when I got him away from the shorty arrows that he had been flinging. He was able to go three for three in no time at all.
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    One thing I've been noticing as I watched a lot of 3D shooting lately :( is the amount of variance with thumb positions. I see a mix of split and 3 under, but more 3 under now but I noticed thumbs behind ears, thumbs in the corner of eye sockets, C hooks under jaws and many I couldn't see where...
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    here is a 62" recurve DFC, from 22" of draw to 28". The DFC shows the raw data from the same limbs mounted on the same riser. the Brace heights were 7" and 8" and the bolt positions were fully in vs fully out. Can you tell me whats going on???
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    The post about the stance article G. Fred Asbell wrote in Traditional Bowhunter made me wonder if others practice shooting from unusual positions? I know there are a lot of serious shooters here who probably dont have the need for such antics and im not a serious hunter so i really dont have the...
1-4 of 4 Results