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    I am switching back to carbon arrows and have the following bundles of wood arrow components available. Not willing to split up outside of listed bundles below. Glue on points and nocks: Sold - (2) 190 grain Ace hex heads - (13) 190 grain field points - (14) 160 grain field points - (6) 160...
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    Rummaging through my archery stuff, I came across these points. I bought them many moons ago and haven't used them since. I checked a couple of archery supply sites, but I don't see them there. If I recall correctly, they were touted as being easier to remove from 3D targets. Were they a...
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    Seems to me some field points were not IBO legal? Believe it was bullet points, something about target wear? I just checked IBO website and see no point restrictions. I would like to use the pin points that TopHat sells for wood arrows but would hate to show up and find out my arrows an’it...
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    I was just going to mount some 11/32 160 grain field points on some 11/32 75 gr and 100 gr adaptors. They don't fit. The adaptor may be too long (?) and that puts some play in the point and threads. The 125 grain adaptor fits nice and snug. I take that back about the adaptor being too long -...
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    Anybody have suggestions and help for my Predator II shafts? For the the 2040 shafts I’m pretty sure I need the CE Insert #4 but not sure of the diameter of the screw in point I need? For the 800 shafts would be the half out #2 inserts but again not sure diameter of screw in points? Or I might...
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    . . . rat shooter points . . . I ran across these from EBay . . . bombproof for stump shooting & small game . . . 125 gr. regards, John
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    Hey all, Anyone know where I can get FP's in 150, 175 and 200grains? Only place I've found is GrizzlyStiks and they have a pretty crappy rep for their products and business practices. Thanks,
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    I am listing different sizes of vintage Archery hardware on Ebay and wondering when and where 9/32 glue-on points were used because I can't find 9/32 dowels. I suppose some guys use 9/32 nocks?
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    I have a collection of mid 19th century bows and arrows. As most will know, the Victorian era target archer matched his arrows to his bow by weight rather than spine. He/she also balanced the mass of the arrow with high density hard wood footings rather than the pile. Here's a typical example...
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    Last week I went to Southern IL for another coaching certificate. The coach was talking about nocking points and was using a slide picture presentation which showed a brass NP. He said, "I don't let any of my students shoot them". He was a coach for a college and they were at a tournament...
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    Well I bought some more points and very happy with the dollar to point ratio. Anybody that shoots indoors knows how important consistency is. I shoot a 25" Border wood riser with the Hex 7.5 limbs. The grip on the riser is nice as rounded grips go, but I prefer a flatter grip like the jager. I...
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    Which point size do the Vaps take. Type 1 up to .296 dia Type 2 .297 dia and up. I think Type 1 but not sure. Thanks Walker
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    I took my wife and son to a 3D. I told my wife that it was easy, 10 points for a kill shot, 8 for a wound. This is what she did. I regretted telling her that she only gets 5 points for putting an arrow between the eyes. I guess I should have been more specific about what a kill shot was. Pretty...
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    Hi everybody. With my target bow I shoot carbon arrows with 60 grains field tips. I added some top hat arrow stoppers to the end when shooting outside. I have lost too many arrows under the grass. I fount that flight wasn't really impaired, but the arrows ended up lower. I had to aim high. This...
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    I need a new source for 60 grain Victory VAP points. I just got a shipment from Lancaster and what was supposed to be 60-70-80 grain points are just solid 80-grain. I'll send them back, no big deal. But if Victory doesn't make the right ones anymore who makes points that fit these shafts?
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    Doing some arra tuning, and my Heritage 90's BS a little weak (3" off), field points are also hitting a little weak, but when I whack a BH of the same weight on it is hitting bang on out to 25m. :brickwall: What next?
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    I recently bought a few dozen GT Warrior 500 shafts and trimmed them to 29.5". I'm quite familiar with these shafts as I have used the GT Expedition 500 shafts for years now and I know how they will tune. While experimenting with them, I made up a few with the regular insert and a few with the...
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    Has anyone used the TopHat screw on wooden arrow points? Do you need the shaft shaper, thread tool and mounting tool to install them. I plan on shooting longbow again this year so want to use the best points. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Does anyone know what grade of stainless is used in Tophat points. BU Combo types? Cheers
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    Gentlefolk...I've recently resolved a problem I was having concerning the use of "Tabs" whereby I concluded that a certain tab made of comparatively THICK cordovan leather proved unsuitable for use by me and was simply "Too Thick & Too Stiff" to allow the string of my low poundage target rig to...