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    Just a quick, general post to grab some user opinions. Where is the ideal place to hook the bow string on the tab? How deep in the fingers do you hold? "Simple ain't easy."
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    Hej guys, I have found in some old thread a discussion where was mentioned that John Demmer III had a very good thread on above mentioned topic. Anybody from old wolfs here can help with the link? Perhaps John can help? Thanks a lot Dalib
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    What results did you get? Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Having never used a 3 under tab before, my Batemen arrived today and I have a question. Should the string butt up against the thicker, stitched part of the tab, for "reference"? It seems the tab is designed this way, however, when I butt the string against the leather as described, upon...
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    Hello all. Just joined the forum after watching from afar for a while. I've seen it said that string dampeners are more effective when place in certain positions. In particular, I saw one post (can't recall where) that said 1/4 of the string length was most effective, followed by 1/3 due to...
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    Does my arrow become slightly stiffer the farther back I place my fletching?
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    I'm building a bb warf and was wondering how high I should place the stick on rest. I usually put them as low as possible so they sit on the shelf but was thinking it would be better so the arrow sat at the berger button/tapped arrow rest hole. What would you do? If it matters I shoot three under.
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    While having a little trouble getting perfect arrow flight with my new to me Border Black Douglas, I was involved in a conversation with Sid Sr. at Border archery about what was going on with my new bow. He offered some great comments on how hand placement affects the way a bow shoots. He said...
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    I have obtained a property it's a winery. The whole cleared area is surrounded by an 8' deer fence. I have scouted the whole perimeter of the property and found only 2 possible and 1 probable funnel spots where deer would most likely jump the fence. There is Sooo much acreage around the property...
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    I'm trying to tune my new bow and I have a few questions about where to put my nock. Now I know the general area and I can adjust it, but ny serving on the string is pretty low. The nock is very close to the top of the serving. Should the serving be center to the shelf or the grip?
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    So, I shot a little today at close range. Just to work on my release and form. I started making a change and I think it's for the better. I shoot split finger (don't care much for 3 under, feels funny) and I realized I had no idea where the rest of my hand was when I drew my hand back to the...
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    Where is the shot?
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    Ok hello to all and thx for reading this Thread. I have been shooting for almost 3 months now and i am groping my arrows into a paper plate at 20yrds. I have been placing my arrow feather so i is brushing my riser as is passes and i have also been putting my index finger above the arrow when i...
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    I bought a Chekmate from another fella on the trading blanket. It was tillered for split-fingered. I've found myself preferring the three under style of shooting. (Actually, my hand is partially amputated. I only have the thumb, index and middle finger left on my drawing hand). Therefore, I'm...
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    This is a dead buck and short bloodtrail - if - you make the right shot choice. Or - a train wreck, if you make the wrong one. Who knows where to shoot this buck?
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    What happens to the arrow's point of impact as you put more pressure on the bow with the heel of your hand. In other words when the lower limb comes more into play. I'm finding I have the odd high flier and can't determine the cause. Does bringing the lower limb into play cause high or low...
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    Hi all, First let me say I'm merely making an observation not advocating anything. I was talking to a friend the other day that shot a big buck with a new high speed compound shooting 70#, carbon arrows, good broadheads. As we all know a high poundage, modern compound generates a lot of...
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    Sorry I haven't been on here in a while guys but ive been hunting hard and seeing a lot of deer. Killed my first buck yesterday with my compound bow ive been wanting to hunt with my recurve but I don't feel IM proficient enough to do so. My question is ive been shooting split finger style and I...
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    As he usually does, O.L got me thinking... I know David has done some pretty extensive testing with string silencers and I'm sure given the time he'd like to do more....and I believe he's settled on wool puffs (light) in something similar to a 1/3...1/3 arrangement on the string...two...
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    I was wondering....where would you mount a sight on a bow without mounting inserts?? (how far from the rest - 2 inches above?)
1-20 of 24 Results