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    Anyone else having trouble viewing any pictures that are posted as links in the form. I haven't been able to view any for months
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    Hey all, I am brand new to archery, I picked up an inexpensive 30# recurve at Christmas and have been shooting the heck out of it ever since. I was about to pay for some local coaching but that has been totally shut down as of this week. I have been watching a boat load of YouTube videos though...
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    NOTE: This isnt an argument over whether crossbows should be in archery seasons or if compounds are less legit than traditional. Im wondering in the bottom is going to fall out of the compound market and how that will effect traditional archery. The compound industry is largely driven by...
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    Allow to me to preface this with the fact that I am an old coot with no where near the flexibilty and range of motion of my youth. As I continually refine my shot process and learning the "action/reaction" thing, I have run across something that may be common, but I haven't seen much about it...
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    A set of Arrow by Richard Thompson circa 1880 (ish)
  6. Hunting Camp
    One of the locals at the archery range Chad
  7. Suggestions and Issues
    Trad TaLk I know longer can delete a thread. Just not working [ Later
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    Was just informed that the picture size fix is targeted for this weekend. A delay because of some higher priority things that popped up. Sorry about the other post! I won't assume any more!!!
  9. Watering Hole
    Cooking dinner tonight and had some company,looking fat for the winter.
  10. Watering Hole
    Please resize photo's to a maximum of 120 kb's so nobody has to scroll to see photo's. Thanks! Here are a few from the Mongolian stunt crew--
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    Must have been in his younger days gettin' ready to go to work.
  12. Watering Hole
    That time of year! compared to an old photo when I was much younger, in the same place, not much has changed. Just some of the people and all of the horses.
  13. Faith and Fellowship
    Located beyond the rise on the right is the archery range I shoot at... Recent blood moon over Mt. Baker, Washington as seen from a hill top on Vancouver island.
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    I know I could just send the risers I have to Jonhdo, but I cannot do so on my budget. I am looking for pictures of a TD-3 Warf that was converted using the Lancaster ILF hardware," the limb rocker plate was filed to accept the ILF hardware...
  15. Hunting Camp
    Re: picture of the day, again Little brown sow at 8 ft walking straight toward my camera setup. And little brown sow at 4 feet looking just off to the side of my Canon XA10. This little sow came into a bait site from the North, scent checked South along a riverbed back West and proceeded...
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    I decided to try gap shooting. I have the gap figured out for 20 yards. I have the tip of my arrow in my periphery but the tip seems to be to the left of the target a couple inches to hit where I want it to. I'm left handed. When I line the tip under the target I hit to the right. What am I...
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    I'm looking for any suggestions for slowing down my shot after I acquire my sight picture. I have had TP, so I know that is an issue, but if I could just gain a second I would feel much more in control. Any tips.
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    Been posting pictures since yesterday afternoon. Message says waiting for admin approval. PM'ed Esquire got no answer. Yes, pictures were resized. I give up. This is like the 3rd time I have had to jump through these hoops. Never have this issue on any other site. Do you have to be a Patron...
  19. Hunting Camp
  20. Watering Hole
    have to say something about the picture. she is "serena", my daughters niece by marriage. i have known her from birth and we have a strange but great relationship. she hardly ever speaks to me, but stands next to me or gets up on my lap and snuggles. a hug from her really makes my day!! and how...