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    This is Damon Howatt with a 5 point buck he killed in the Minidoka Nat'l Forest in Idaho. The top of the horns are a long ways from his head. Damon was around 6'-2". The 3 point on the side was killed by Bill Hoggatt, also from Yakima.
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    In this case, a photo of a compound I had in 1981-82/ Was a two wheeler, with double cable guards, one at the top of the riser, on at the bottom. Guards were looped rods, noisy as all get out. For the life of me, I cannot find a photo on the web. Anyone have one, or a photo? Thanks,
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    Fine old ones, too. - lbg
  4. Photographer Showroom
    Larry had a great thread of this before.
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    Looks as if the photo fix is working!!! Nice that they left a path to view the original size if wanted, although I, for one, will not miss having to scroll endlessly to try and figure out what is portrayed!!!
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    On a target that doesn't look soo clean! I know you all got them. Let's have a fun and show them off. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
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    This sums up the camaraderie we have in this sport. :cheers:
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    Did someone hard delete the thread?
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    In several different threads of interest the newer Hoyt metal TD bows are being discussed. I'd be very pleased if someone could post a picture or pictures of the riser for the "new" Gamemaster, the Dorado, and the Buffalo showing the side and top views so I can see what they actually look like...
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    This is a carpet target that I made today. Works very well so far- I just hope it will stand up. I'm sure many people have made such targets out there but I could not find any good instruction/photos. Shot it a few times and it seems like it will do the trick. Yell at me if you have any...
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    In response to numerous requests, I am posting photos of Sam's BB riser conversion. Here is the BB out of the box. There are close ups of the riser conversion (it works with both ILF and bolt down limbs) and the Samuck Sage limb conversion. Also the bow strung.
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    Today I posted a thread below about the bows I worked on this Winter and I mentioned that I was unable to post more photos on a NEW thread. I cropped them and shrunk them but it wouldn't let me post a second thread to display my remaining photos because it said I had exceeded my quota. I guess...
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    As stated in another thread 'am having problems with inconsistency/tune. Stickbow off shelf with release. 6' to back of bow Top right is actually better than photo looks. Dark spot is shadow on paper. Bare shafts show a little higher nock tear. But more consistent. Tears obviously not...
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    The last challenge was so much fun,, I thought we might take up another!! I'm starting this hoping there may be a few taker's out there. Here's the skinny. The challenge is to see how well tuned your hunting setup is with your aim point. Where does your very first shot at 20 yards land, when...
  16. Border Archery
    I came up from london to help out for a month or two back in april 2005. early 2007, our production director got pulled off his usual life, and stuck in hospital after taking a minor heart attack on the ECG/treadmill test. triple heart bypass later, Im the standin production director... So i...
  17. Border Archery
    Dave is quite a guy... Hes worked here for 40 years, He can make a bow faster than anyone else in the place, but he makes it with less mess, and less fuss than anyone else. Can you blame him... its his workshop. Back in the 1970's he won a medal in the european Barebow IFAA Marked distance...
  18. Border Archery
    I kinda started with my dads working bow, but i thought i would show you what the guys make in thier spare time, for themselves. We have a little company incentive to allow the guys to make their own bow from start to finish, themselves, They have to seek advice from each other, as to how to do...
  19. Border Archery
    Trying to keep up with some pro level photographers might be a little out my depth, but If you dont try, you wont get anywhere. No swish flash lights, Just my Kitchen lights! (excuses i know) I thought id take a few photos of a "working" bow. One that changes more often that it stays constant...
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    I must first of all thank everyone for fighting though the rain. It was a fun shoot with a couple of freestyle shooters, to make a change. here is some of my photos, that will hopefully compliment some of the other photos going around. Bow fest 2011 pictures by Borderbows - Photobucket...