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    I bought this old fiberglass pearson a few years ago from an older gentlemen. Ive spent alot of time scouring the internet for the model number to no avail. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    In this case, a photo of a compound I had in 1981-82/ Was a two wheeler, with double cable guards, one at the top of the riser, on at the bottom. Guards were looped rods, noisy as all get out. For the life of me, I cannot find a photo on the web. Anyone have one, or a photo? Thanks,
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    I recently bought a Ben Pearson Cobra 2. I've searched the online catalogs and while I can find the Cobra, there's no Cobra 2. They aren't anything alike. The Cobra 2 is 66 AMO while the regular Cobra was 62. Anyone here ever have one and know the approximate year it came out? Thanks for...
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    Hey everyone, I'm getting back into traditional archery after a long absence and wanted some input. I️ received a 1969 (best I️ can tell from the old catalogues) Ben Pearson Javelina 7060. I️ haven't been able to find much information on this particular model bow and wanted to hear opinions...
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    Got home from the Mt's and looked at my Pearson Warf that has traveled far and wide for four seasons. Needed a new finish and paint job. So, I picked some Arugla leaves out the garden and got busy. Rattle Can and clear bedliner. Dun.
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    Can anyone tell me the year this Ben Pearson Colt 7070 was built?? Hopefully my pics uploaded OK. Jim Thank you!
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    Wondering what 60# Ben Pearson bows were the best hunting bows?
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    Hi everyone, new member here trying to find some information on a traditional recurve bow I was given by my grandfather. It's a Ben Pearson Razorback 711, but I can't seem to find much information on it online. I'm wanting to know what year it was made, how long it was in production, the rarity...
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    Which one would be better for warfing? I have to get my draw length checked(I thought I knew). I doubt it's more than 27.5 or so.
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    Pulled one of my dad's bows out of my mom's attic today. I remember at age 13 shooting this bow and loving it! Now at almost 50, I'm going to get a new string for it and shoot it. There's no cracks in the fiberglass on the limbs and the wood looks pretty good as well. My question is what year...
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    I have a Pearson Equalizer that I would like to convert to a recurve. I have seen Steavelong's post with pictures and Bowbender Mikes Warf recipe: "They will make a 19" riser as is. I cut Steve's down a bit and recut the limb pad angles to about 18 deg. Moved the lower limb pad towards...
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    About three years ago I warfed my first old pearson a guy started and I finished...I installed the plates and didn't like the look of the wide pockets so I marked them with limbs in and started grinding away... it is still one of my best shooting bows I have... My dad told me that...
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    ....a documentary/news item about "unusual occupations" - in this case that of (a young) Ben Pearson, making bows & arrows! Some good bits on bow making/tillering & especially making footed arrows. 1947 at...
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    Got a Ben Pearson Renegade compound, I bought it for cheap, repainted it and put a new string on it. Shot it barebow for a little bit and think it needs warfin... what do you guys think about this riser?
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    It looks like it should work based on the couple photos I have. I don't know the difference between it and the equalizer or spoiler. I searched the forum here and couldn't find anything, I know its annoying with people asking the same questions over and over when a simple search answers it...
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    Hello! I acquired this older Ben Pearson Colt, it cleaned up ok and shoots pretty smooth, I just cant find to much info on it, And it looks different from the ones I see listed on auction sites, Many thanks!
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    Hey guys, I've been looking for something a little lower poundage to use as a form bow/for target shooting, and after seeing a funky looking Ben Pearson Eliminator on the big auction site I had to go for it. It's 66" and I'd guess is from the early 70s. Looking for any info, especially what...
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    I just picked up a Ben Pearson Golden Sovereign Lord Mercury on eBay. I'm hoping to shoot it in the traditional recurve division at indoor nationals. I don't know much about it. Does anyone know these bows? Any tips on setting them up? It's 66 inches, 29#@28
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    I just received a Ben Pearson Mustang and need to know the string length. With it unstrung it is 60" tip to tip and on the side it has CAT 975, LGTH 5'4", WT. @ 28" 50X any help would be appreciated and where to get the best string for the bow. It does have some freckling in the varnish but...
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    Just picked up an old ben pearson mach one, 52" [email protected] Anyone ever used them?