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    I read in older posts that there is a PDF version of the original DAS Master Hunter manual and I wondered if anyone has a copy and could send to me? I recently bought a Gen 2 Master Hunter and DAS Kinetic (Winex) limb sets and one thing I was hoping the manual might clarify is which aftermarket...
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    I've made a target face PDF generator. With it you can generate printable pdf targets that take into account your arrow width so you can score from the comfort of your short distance range. The scores are correct (as the 10ring gets smaller the thicker the arrows, the shorted the distance). it...
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    Hey guys, I found this while looking for some pictures of old Italian risers. It's a PDF archive of many of TradTalk's old favorites like the Best Moon, Zenit, 2001 VBS and some rarities like the 650 club before it had stabilizer holes, Greenhorn, Yamaha, Nishizawa, Beman etc. Just click on...
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    Hi, I just get a 23" Excel riser from Boothy, a great deal. It have no manual and looking for one at Hoyts page found only generic manuals for recurves. Is there any Excel Manual? Is it downloadable? Thank Martin
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    Larry found this and asked me to post it. It's worth reading.
1-5 of 5 Results