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    How you ever seen a barebow shooter using the archer’s paradox aiming from the side of her face and using the point on the target. Much like shooting an English long bow upright??
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    OK, just starting shooting again. Since I haven't really shot in a couple of decades, I deliberately bought a light bow. I am tall and my draw length is about 30 inches. I got a Samick Journey, 30# at 28". I had Easton 2018 aluminum arrows from a previous bow. I looked at Easton's Chart, and...
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    I stumbled across this video explaining the archer's paradox with slow motion video. I'm a noob in archery, so if this is beyond simple for you, maybe it's something that you can show to your un-archery-minded friends.
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    Gents, There is a new post up on Jimmy Blackmons page. Worth the time for a read. Thank you for your service to our country Mr. Blackmon! C. Jasmine
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    Fellow by the name of tradrag has a video about paradox on another not older site. Worth watching. Called Archers Paradox Video to open link in new window. After you watch it tell me again why we put a gap between the shelf and side plate for the feather to pass through
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    Made in the late 1970's looks like about 400 were sold.
  7. TradTalk Main Forum
    There are very few if any archery blogs out there so I decided to organize and consolidate my videos onto one page and then blog from there. The blog is: Archers Paradox - Overcoming the forces of nature for the perfect shot! I will write and post updates as I can but will also solicit from...
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    Ok here goes nothing! As I understand it the correct spine weght for my bow, 47# @ my DL is between 60 and 65 # in spine weight, the arrows I use are all within 2# of each other 61-63#. According to Archer's Paradox I should aim "off-center" to hit center the RH archer should (according to AP)...
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    I've just received a new Bear Montana longbow (RH, 35# at 28", I draw 29.5"), and I made up a set of aluminum arrows (31" Easton Blues, size 1916, straight-fletched with 2" Rayzr feathers). At the range, I found that the bow consistently shoots way right, as if the spine is too light, but it...
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    Interesting video on YouTube, courtesy of Werner Beiter. The two pieces I found interesting were: 1. The nock moves up just as the string is leaving the finger tips. (Tiller related?) 2. The arrow has more than just one bend in it as it is leaving the bow. It 'snakes' out. The...
  11. Watering Hole
    Someone mentioned paradox in the Robin Hood topic; so as not to hijack that thread, some archers paradox video - This one has some cool stuff too. - You can really see the riser flex in that Beiter one. Never thought it was that big a deal, now I know better!
  12. TradTalk Main Forum
    Found a reference to this on a UK Forum. Thought you all would find it of interest. Dave
  13. TradTalk Main Forum
    Gents - Don't think ths has been discussed before, hang on, it might get complicated. I've been shooting with glasses since my mid 20's. This wasn't too big a problem with instinctive/barebow shooting, especially since I'm cross eye dominant. When I took up FITA/sight shooting, the glasses...
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    Hi, Was just out shooting. It amazes me how much better I shoot when I don't emotionally react to where the arrow lands. I shoot MUCH better when I focus on executing a shot with proper form and just enjoying the process. So, the archer's paradox, for me, is that the less I care about...
  15. TradTalk Main Forum
    How far does an arrow have to travel to be out of paradox? What are the parameters? Trying to fine tune light spined shafts for my daughter requires her being close to the target to get small groups. What is the closest you can be to the target and not be affected by paradox. thanks--I'll...
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    From an LW thread on instinctive shooting and form (anchoring, in particular): "We practice form with our shooting, but last when you line up on that big buck or bull moose, every bit of your concentration needs to be focused on that spot on the animal's chest." From Kisik Lee's KSL website...
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    There seems to be multiple thoughts on arrow paradox. Some say the feathers completely clear the rest/shelf, while others leave feather channels in their shelf setups. Myself, I've never been able to eliminate shelf/feather contact. Maybe I've never had properly spined arrows. That is...
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    Guys, Pete just posted this on AT in the Fita section under tuning X10's Pete (C3 Hammer) finished the outdoor season last year ranked 2nd in the U.S. behind Vic Wunderle. He's going to Korea soon as part of a 3 man U.S. team for that Grand Prix event. And he's in his 40's ;)...
  19. TradTalk Main Forum
    A few years ago, somebody introduced me to the notion that a shaft not only goes through horizontal paradox, but vertical as well. And for three under shooters, like myself, it can be a little more exaggerated, so I was told. Is that true? If it is, why don't you see it in a bare shaft? Is...
1-20 of 22 Results