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    Paper is showing me that my back is coming in high, which is weird because I generally keep my knocking point lower than most. Lowered the knocking point to 0, still showing knocking point high [??]. I cant lower anymore without going below zero. Anyone have any idea what is going on here?
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    What all causes left tear symptoms. I know a weak spine does but what else also. I'm getting about a 1.5 to 2in mock left tear with fletching shooting through paper. I also did try just the shooting fletch and bare shaft groups. But my bare shaft is even worse visually nock left 7inches if not more.
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    New to paper tuning and I could use some advice. I'm shooting a slick stick [email protected] 28 and draw to 28.75, arrows are Easton epic 600 with 4 fletch rayzr. The tears are from ~10 yds and the 175 is ~1.5" low at 20 fletched vs bare shaft. Is the 175 an acceptable tear at that distance? Sent from my...
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    I’ve spent much of the past weekend and even the first part of this week spending time trying to get bare shafts flying straight with a new 60# Bear Super Kodiak. This is a new process for me and has been very, very revealing. I had some trouble with a high nock that drove me crazy. After...
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    So I was doing some late night paper tuning with my grizzly tonight and just couldn't get it to paper tune. So being frustrated I got my bear Montana out for some fun shooting and I had a thought I wonder how this looks threw paper. Sent first one threw showed weak so I swapped the tip to a 100...
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    I had never heard of safari shoots until I moved to Washington from the Midwest about a year and a half ago, and I don't see discussion about them on the boards from elsewhere in the country, so is this pretty much a Pacific Northwest/Northern Calif. thing?
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    do any of you guys paper tune? how accurate is it to get arrows and broadheads shooting same?
  8. Suggestions and Issues
    Hello all, so i've recently bought a Martin Hatfield TD 55# @28" I've got it all strung up and got some carbon 300's to shoot out of it. Feathers off the shelf. I've only launched about five arrows, and have found that I now have three paper cut like scratches on my riser hand between my thumb...
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    I made up a dozen arrows with slightly different points and wanted to test them against the previous dozen. 40 yards at a 9" paper plate. 1816 arrows, feather fletched, vintage Hoyt Pro Medalist take down drawn to about 34 pounds. I aimed point on point for the arrow test, not my usual method...
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    Due to injury and age I have had to lighten my draw weight and have been shooting mostly light target recurves shot barebow 3 under. But I found in classifieds a light Howard Hill Redman, yew limbs and a cocobolo riser. It is only 66" long and I draw it to a weight in the mid 30s. My draw is...
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    Anyone want to venture an opinion as to why reducing brace height as much as an inch would cause arrows to show weaker?
  12. TradTalk Main Forum
    I looked at Byron Ferguson's video on Tuning for Extreme Acuracy. After watching him paper tune I decided I better paper tune to see what my arrows are doing. This morning I built a tuning stand and shot a couple of arrows. This is what they looked like. To me it looks ok, but I would really...
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    We keep getting advice selecting string walking arrow that doesn't include paper tuning?? When selecting arrow for SW, you may want to control weight length and point weight all at the same time You will not get classic tears from crawls often but you can interpret your results. This is the...
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    What a crappy night. I previously had a Hoyt Dorado with short Tradtech wood/glass limbs. It hit 53# and with 29" (shaft only measurement) GT55/75 shafts, off the shelf (close to center shot- kydex sideplate with velcro on shelf and sideplate) it was making beautiful tears in paper. Arrows had...
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    So, I was shooting ok but wanted to be more accurate. I tend to shoot a few well and then my mind wanders (I am a bit ADD). I feel like I have my bows/arrow spines fairly sorted out. I decide to try paper tuning......... A couple of hours making a frame for the paper, a frame to hang my back...
  16. TradTalk Main Forum
    Clay Pigeons - for Kids ( and Big Kids) more fun than Paper Targets? Shooting clay pigeons is no great feat of archery skill .... It is just fun.* First Video* Third Video - Clay Pigeon Fail .......the Bad, the Ugly, and then the Good (but, gotta be honest and show the screw ups, too)
  17. TradTalk Main Forum
    Wanna get some for our club for indoors. Thanks Jer
1-18 of 37 Results