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  1. Watering Hole
    The weather in CT was pretty nasty yesterday, micro-burst knocking down trees, power outages, etc. Hope everyone from the Nutmeg state came through alright.
  2. TradTalk Main Forum
    Hi Robert, I was wondering if you might consider doing a mountain muffler string making tutorial for us guys that like to make our own strings. I can't for the life of me figure out how you weave in the "muffler" part of the string. Thanks, Don
  3. TradTalk Main Forum
    I just read some of the thread on instinctive vs. gap on another site. Papabull, you just have to leave these guys alone! Also, consider your audience and word choice. LOL! ;)
  4. TradTalk Main Forum
    So awhile back I asked Papabull to make me a small capper and all I told him was that I wanted a functional and usable piece of equipment. To say I was surprised when i checked the mail the other day would be an understatement look at what came my way!!LOL Jordan P.S. oh ya it feels as good...
  5. TradTalk Main Forum
    See i am a member here. :highfive:
  6. TradTalk Main Forum
    Here's something I helped my stepson put together and it turned out very nice, indeed. Here's a knife that you can dress a fish or bird or in a pinch get a great shave with it. The blade was an old Joseph Rogers notchpoint razor that had been chipped at the point beyond repair as a straight...
  7. TradTalk Main Forum
    I just received a bow I ordered from the tradmall and must say that Robert was quick, easy to deal with and I am happy with the service. I wanted to "try out" a longbow of my own - I have a long draw and was looking for a longbow that was over 68" to help with the long draw. I have seen lots...
  8. TradTalk Main Forum
    Robert. A couple of times we have had threads develop that discuss various books and printed material that help us improve our skills or our understanding of the tools and traditions of our chosen sport. It occures to me that a reference section that would feature a annotated bibliography...
  9. TradTalk Main Forum
    Is there and adress we can order the Mountain mufflers strings through the mail instead of online? An addicted archer has to be the worst mate for a credit card :shooting: need to tone it down a tad on the plasctic. Maybe a link to an address? :help:
  10. Suggestions and Issues
    I posted this in the main forum page too. sorry! When I try to edit my avatar...that little button is blacked out hthat says don't use an avatar...well I decided to use one this time! if you peek in the old'll see what I'm using now. Help??
1-11 of 13 Results