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    I know I said I would not do it but, I deviated from my bridging process and paid the price. I have been bridging some form changes from shorter distances with a blank bale, to longer distances with a target, and adding crawls. I decided this weekend to try some of the longer distances I am...
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    Sorry, but I have been trying to put some thank yous in some post and it is coming up with some wierd msg.....I am thinking maybe I haven't paid for a bit. I can still post though..just can't add a thanks in anywhere. thanks for the help..Jer
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    gitnbetr shot a 62" master one whole season with 31+" draw. He tore 'em up with it. Hmmm that makes me want to rethink what I know about bow lenght vs draw. I have a pair of 34# short kap challenger carbons that I picked up on sale when either David or PB ran a close out on them (can't...
  4. The Philosophical Archer Here's a place that breeds trophy bucks. They also book trophy hunts on their ranch all year round. This is a profitable operation and there are people who will pay good money for this type of "hunt", but I don't feel it's hunting in the...
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    I gotta thank you guys for the help and inspiration to start shooting thre 300round to improve. It paid off big time last week. Here's the story; It's 4:30 pm and I am bored out of my skull. Been on stand since 6:00am and have seen one deer and one squirrel. Two does come by at 300 mph plus...
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    My wife called me at the office, "You won't believe who just knocked on our door! The Game Warden!!" "What did he want?" "He said he was investigating the buck you shot on Saturday!!" In 36 years I have never seen a game warden afield. But this guy was at my door in full uniform. He told my...
1-6 of 8 Results