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    I am thinking to drop a few lbs of draw weight off the longbow I currently enjoy and the Border "Harrier" longbow has been a casual interest of mine for a few years. I am hoping that maybe a member here has a bit of experience with this model and might be willing to share? Thanks in advance...
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    I came across this thread and thought it would be nice to have a copy. Anyone have a file that you can share?
  3. TradTalk Main Forum
    Does anyone know when the original owners; Jim & Buddy of 21st Century bows sold the business to Milton Callaway?
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    Hello Guys, Thanks for all the info and videos you've supplied to explain your experiences with the Covert Hunter. I have looked through most posts and videos and have learned a lot. I still have a couple of questions I'm hoping to address before I order a new CH. I will be using this bow...
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    If anyone owns a set of Border Hex 7.5, Morrison Max 5, or Uukha Xcurve, in medium length (ILF), I'm interested in the X and Y measurements please. This is not a discussion about brands, performance, or anything else. I'm just curious about the actual measurements of the large curve limbs. I...
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    I need to take a better pic of my Black Douglas, you hear a lot about the Covert (No doubt a special bow) and not so much about the Black Douglas. Anyhow, I have had my BD almost a year. I really like the bow shoots flat and hits hard. Love the grip. Mine is 53#@28, 19" riser and Med limbs...
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    Need to know the length from the limb bolt hole to the alignment pin, center to center. PLEASE. Working on a project and really need to know the measurement before i pull the trigger 9n some clearanced limbs @ LAS. Thank you in advance for the help. Cannot find the answer anywhere else.
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    I am looking at the Centaur longbows and cant decide between the glass model or the chimera? I would like to hear from people that have owned or shot both models and let me know what you think. I thinking of the 60" Centaur with dark matter riser and bocate limb veneers and XTL lamination in...
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    Fellow Morrison ILF owners what are you running for brace height? Is 7" too low for wood handle? Used to run my DAS at 7".
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    You may have heard of the record rainfall - "Biblical" come to mind - this last winter in Ireland . . . so An Irish Gorytus . . . from the Iveragh Peninsula :cool: John
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    I am thinking about ordering a Samick Phantom for informal target shooting and hunting. It's a reasonably attractive 17" wood riser -- appearing fairly heavy or "blocky" -- with what look in the pictures like wider-than-average long recurve limbs, making a 62" overall length recurve bow. (It's...
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    I currently shoot a Black Douglas Hex6.5 in 62 inch length. I would guess many of you that own a Covert Hunter have also shot the Hex6 limb. My question for you Covert Hunter owners is; Is the Covert Hunter as stable a shooter as the Black Douglas Hex6? Have your arrow groups tightened, spread...
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    What's your favorite limb length and what's your draw length?? Also, what brace height are you preferring? Thanks,Mike
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    Does the bare bow weight cover fit over the disk weights or do you just use the cover to weight the riser? Thinking about trying one, they are a good deal with the current exchange rate.
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    Hi guys. Are there any Toelke bow owners out there with a light draw weight (25-30# range) living anywhere near Auburn Alabama? I've read lots of good things about Dan's bows and would like to try one out. Kindest Regards.
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    can someone please tell me what the bolt to bolt measurement is on the dx5? I have an older TDX 15 that looks very similar but my TDX 15 is a lot longer than a 15 inch riser its closer to a 16 and a half inch riser.
1-16 of 51 Results