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    Bought it a couple years ago in anticipation of shooting LB competitively but went another route. This is brand new, never even mounted limbs on the riser. 19” riser with XL ACS LBX limbs. [email protected]”. Perfect for comp or a longer draw person. $1100 you pay PayPal fees, I cover shipping USA.
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    Has anyone had a chance to shoot the new Dryad Limb? I'm sure they had some at ETAR and Trad worlds and I would love to hear some thoughts. I am debating on buying two sets of them, one for my competition riser and one set for my hunting riser or should I save up for the ACS version?
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    Just got my new Thunderhorn Two-Point. I bought it for my Covert Hunter (still coming) but I thought I would try it on the longbow. It does not seem to affect my shot at all but it is a little awkward to lay on the ground. Does anyone else have a similar rig or at least a bow quiver on a longbow?
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    During Dryad's Black Friday sale, I ended up getting an Orion 15" riser with medium ACS-RC limbs for a 58" recurve rated 44#@28". Being my first static recurve, I did a review of it on my blog and did a little comparison of it with a conventional recurve and a super recurve...
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    Just wanted to say received my Orion 15 inch riser with Long, Longbow limbs 50#@28 inch about mid Jan and have been quietly tuning it in with advise from mike re brace height and by moving the knocking point up 1/8 inch arrows fly like darts and I can honestly say I have never shot better. The...
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    Tuned my 29" Lightspeeds as they're sitting around gathering dust, 45g inserts and 145g point 420g total fly very nice. I shot the 3D course from weekends tourney, feels like all the Form work I did stringwalking translated over to split finger Instinctive shooting, not even close to the...
1-6 of 32 Results