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    I read in older posts that there is a PDF version of the original DAS Master Hunter manual and I wondered if anyone has a copy and could send to me? I recently bought a Gen 2 Master Hunter and DAS Kinetic (Winex) limb sets and one thing I was hoping the manual might clarify is which aftermarket...
  2. Warfin' Wall
    Good evening! I wanted to see what is the best way to strip paint from a bow riser (original paint) in order to paint it up. I’ve seen where folks have used Airplane Stripper. Seems like nasty stuff for sure. I’m working on a Bear Black Bear Riser and a Hoyt Spectra.
  3. Warfin' Wall
    my latest & current ONLY warf. yeesh I sent off my Hoyt TD-2 H20 original riser for Nat Gear finish work. Sent some 3Rivers (Kaya) limbs off too that I had tried to sell w/no luck. I got it back this week and assembled it, used shorter DAS bushings, and some homegrown thumbscrews, from...
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    Does anyone know when the original owners; Jim & Buddy of 21st Century bows sold the business to Milton Callaway?
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    . . . a composite bow of the Chinook indians, made out of elk horn & sinew . . . regards, John
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    Please Delete. :) gdahrdhdshdshh
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    The Original "Apache" Draw ? Creator/Artist: Michelsen, Ralph C. Creation Date: 1965 Creation Place: Santa Catarina, Baja California, Mexico Tags: Kiliwa Kumeyaay Kumiai Kamia Ipai Tipai Mission Indians Diegueno Man Bowstring Trusses Image of Rufino Uchurte holding a bowstring...
  8. Suggestions and Issues
    Dear admin folks, The e-mail address I originally used 11 years ago to join TT is no longer active Which means I've been unable to reset my pass word and login. would it be possible to restore my original user name (Phil) and status using my present and current e-mail address. Thank you
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    I remember a few years back, there was some buzz about the Best Mercury, which has since been re-released with some changes. I seem to recall some of the older users were big fans, namely Desert Archer, who I think eventually purchased one of the prototypes. After looking at some of the...
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    a friend is making me the limbs for glass...amberboo (heat treated bamboo) cores...santos rosewood wedges and red/black phenolic tips and accents. Shorts...which will make a 62" bow on this 21" DAS Elite...I draw 27 1/2"s...I told him if they come out anywhere between 40#-45#s I'll...
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    I never thought I would be in a situation where I would be evaluating selling an original DAS Riser but I am thinking about selling one. There is an Elite, Gen 1, Gen 2 and Dalas. If you were to sell one of the risers which one would you sell first? Those are Morrison Max1 limbs on the Elite...
  12. Warfin' Wall
    Anybody know for sure what the Hoyt angle is on the dovetail? I have been using a 65x495 here lately with good results and the angle off the fitting clears well. I cut hundreds at 45.
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    I understand the Dalaas are production versions of the original DAS Master Hunter and Elite bows - so what changed from a performance perspective? I can see on the DAS Elite vs 21" Dalaa, the huge chunk of metal in the stabiliser boss area is reduced. Are the Dalaa's practically speaking as...
  14. Camp Kitchen
    this is from a book titled, "recipes tried and true", published in 1894 by the ladies aid society of the first presbyterian church in marion, ohio. you can read the whole book on the gutenberg site. go to titles, under "r". PIGS IN BLANKET. FRED. LINSLEY. Take extra select oysters and very...
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    When I bought my risers from David S. I also ordered some odds and ends which included some of his "silencing kits". The kits included a carter key, two bow jacks with two of the "arms" cut off and two 2 1/2 " long sections of rubber tube. The tube was to be used to thread onto each end of the...
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    Hi, Just get my new Jager BEST 2.2 grip and replace de original BEST on my Moon/Border. I have been shooting original BEST grips (I have three) for many years and I like it. 2.0 grip feels good but loses some consistence in my shooting. Yes I know I have to try it a little more....:D Would you...
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    I am looking for another grip for the Das Elite in red. Does anyone know where I can get an original all black standard DAS grip or a Red/Black Standard original DAS grip? If I cant find an original I would be interested in purchasing one from the firm that made the original DAS grip. Does...
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    Christmas started as a celebration of the winter solstice so for those of us in the cold north IT'S HUMP DAY BABY longer days from here on out. Matt
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    I was looking for a quiver for my recurves, bought one directly from Kwikee's website for $22 including shipping. Seemed like a good price so wanted to pass on. I was looking at them elsewhere for much more. It includes the broadhead shield.
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    cam across these arrows and bow what do you all think there worth?