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    Just wanted to share some links. I'm self taught, book taught etc but decided to get a Coach last year as I was stuck and wanted to spend more time learning an efficient shot as my neck would sometimes bug me after shooting and I never had that happening when I was younger (43now). These guys...
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    Martin Jaguar Elite seems to be ILF compatible, looks kinda cool with old Martin compound wood grip on. * pics are not mine, I didn't own a Jaguar
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    The IBO Masters video was great. Most of the top shooters suggested a coach. The problem is there is not a lot of trad shooters in the world. It is difficult to find someone to shoot with let alone a good coach. When I first began to learn guitar I took lessons online. It was great because I...
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    Tonight a member of 3Rivers will be interviewed on Google+ Hangout. You are welcomed to attend and ask questions if you like. Otherwise watch on YouTube. Both links are below. Hope you enjoy! Should be 15-30 minutes long if all goes as planned. Google+ HangOut Link...
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    If you're wondering what they look like, you can see them in the catalog online... they haven't posted them on the website itself.{"issue_id":302822,"page":30} I'm personally less thrilled about the large "Blackmax 2.0" lettering on the back...
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    I just published the riser report on the new Titan III. Blacky
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    I just added a preview of the KBX bow with a draw-force curve to my web site. More data and more pictures will be added after the report was published in a magazine. Blacky
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    Well, it took me a lot longer than expected, due to my eye injury, but is online now. I have integrated the new website into, so you can reach the tests of "modern recurve and longbows" either through the navigation or you can reach this section via...
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    Is the online store working?
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    Have tried to get through to the TradTalk online store a couple of times, but it doesn't work. Is this a technical problem or is there no TradTalk shop anymore...?
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    Anyone know when it may reopen? I am about out of serving material and have got mine here in the past. Tks RB
  12. NFAA 300 indoor
    Our fall league starts tonight. \ Anyone want to shoot an online prizes,fun.. State Equipment, and post by sunday nights?
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    Papa Bull has been pretty open about sharing important info from other forums. I don't think this is breakig any rule. This is a video of Rob using a DIY unistrut jig (plans are over there too). This is of course an endless string and not in competition with the stores twist strings. One...
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    World Cup game, try it out
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    I just went through the online store and ordered a few necessaries that I've been needing. I just wanted to remind everyone that the online store (see also the top right of your screen) is a both good resource and a good way to support everything that Robert (Papa Bull) has done and continues...
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    I want to apologize for the downtime. It's been a few very frustrating days. Our databases got "upgraded" and migrated by our host and in the process, they got the permissions wrong and blocked our access to all our databases but one and we don't use that one. I feared the worst for awhile...
  17. The Philosophical Archer My score is 1669.69 after the European Cup. I never knew it was so easy hitting 9 or 10 from 90 meters:) And I was shooting right handed ...
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    The Doorway Buck is a great story of hunting and growing up, whose author has provided us the rare treat and opportunity of viewing the work in progress. He has just posted a new installment, which can be viewed Here:_The_Doorway_Buck Mike
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    Hey just thought I would propose a June 40 yard challenge Here are some preliminary ideas for rules Will be shot using a standard 300 face and using the same scoring, but only shoot 30 shots instead of 60? What do you guys think chime in here with your ideas just looking to start a little...
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    Where is the best place to find your hunting area on a satelite type map? thanks