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    South Korea's Kim Woo-jin made the most of perfect shooting conditions to set a 72-arrow world record in the Olympic archery at the Rio de Janeiro Games on Friday. The world champion's total of 700 points during the ranking round at the Sambodromo venue eclipsed the previous record of 699...
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  3. Watering Hole
    I suspect the majority of TT members are tuned in to the Archery competition, but I was wondering, what other sports are you watching and enjoying? for me ... Fencing Trap shooting Pistol shooting Cycling ... (of course ... ) Boxing ... and Handball ... never seen it before ... fast and...
  4. Watering Hole
    Can we get some real coverage, how about instead of playing the whole damn 10 hours (seems like it) of a soccer game they cut to some of the other sports, that we don’t get to see very often, and really, do we need to see every foot of a cross country bicycle race? and do we need to see all the...
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    If you are an archery geek like me you love the Olmpics to see the shooting. Ranking rounds start tomorow with the eliminations starting Saturday. Here is a great link for a good summary of the games, the dates, times and of course the competitors...
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    Nope we are not fortunate enough to have someone shooting our bows or are we good enough to participate but we are sure excited about the Olympics and especially the archery events. So: Stay tuned to our Facebook page over the next few weeks for details on our Dryad Bows Olympic contest for...
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    If you haven't seen this one it is some great coverage. Some good discussion from Jay Barrs on the mental game.
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    I was just wondering if he was on the team for this Olympics
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    I see the bows falling forward. Why would'nt you want it to just sit still, balanced? Is it just that they want all the weight out there for motion stopping or is it some other reason?
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    Wonder if he warfed his walker? Shoot good Bob!! Hank :)
1-10 of 10 Results