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    I have a one piece Reiver, 47#, 60". it shows 1140ED and is a few years old. I'm not sure what Hex limb number it is, and am real curious as to what the performance difference is between it and the latest version.
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    Turning 50 I find myself dropping bow weight but not loosing energy thanks to todays advancements in Recurve technology. Here is a review on the newest Border Archery production Hex 8 limbs on my Covert Hunter Risers.
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    Have a few from the vault I would like to get rid of...cant seem to find the archery archives site that I used to use. Anybody??? I realize serial #s, condition etc...really just looking for a resource to get a ball park figure.
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    I have an old Howatt Hunter I picked up a while back and I'm trying to date it. I believe it was made in the 60's, but am not 100% sure. It's a 62", 45# draw. The serial # is HM 48296-L (yes, it's a left-handed bow) I was trying to upload some pics, but apparently they are too large. I may...
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    New to the forum and recurves, so expect some dumb questions.....Have shot compounds for years, starting to shoot recurve for fun right now. Boy what a switch, it's like learning to shoot all over again. My question is in regard to the cleaning and care of the older bows from the 60s and 70s...
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    Guys/Gals, ---- seeking some info and experience here regarding the above title ?? I have played around a lot with older BW's , Browning, Bears and currently a Wing P2, and have always tried to be "historically correct" to the bow with lightweight cedars 5/16s or Eastons 1716----1916s , and...
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    I think 19 inches. Need to know the limb angle geometry? 17 or more degree's? What did limbs marked for 25 draw on them?
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    My friend brought this bow to archery class yeasterday. Got it from a museum in Egypt that is now defunct. 1000+ years old Bow weighs 1lb total.
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    Hello! I acquired this older Ben Pearson Colt, it cleaned up ok and shoots pretty smooth, I just cant find to much info on it, And it looks different from the ones I see listed on auction sites, Many thanks!
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    I just bought a set of used older W&W Winact Limbs from my local archery shop. I've been shooting them for a few days now and they feel really good. Anyways, all the info I can get on them is that they are a carbon/wood limb. I was wondering if anyone has shot these, knew when they were made...
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    I have been wanting to get into bow hunting and recently purchased this bow. I waned to get an age and see if anyone has any arrow recommendations for target/bowhunting. Thanks, Nick
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    This recurve was dropped off at our club a few days ago. I was hoping someone could tell me a bit about it such as model name, when it was manufactured and anything else that comes to mind. Brace height would be handy to know as well. I can't seem to post pics right now. The bow is 62". simple...
1-12 of 45 Results