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    Hi, I have a 35# Samick Sage which I’ve owned for 4 months. Shoot split finger, 8” brace height and nocking point bare shaft tuned to 3/8”. This week the bow has started making a pop/snap noise once the bow is strung and the the bow is shot for the first time. The string is a fast flight Flemish...
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    This is my first ILF limb bow. When I switch limbs my first shot sometimes has a loud pop, after that it shoots fine. I think I have the limbs in right but thinking I might not, thoughts?
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    Being that traditional bows are pretty slow compared to compounds how do traditional hunters deal with game spooking bo noise?
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    We all know what string noise is, and likely try to mitigate it through tuning or silencers or both. So what affect does string size and type/material play? I would think the older B50 would be quieter, but have recently been told the opposite. Has any definitive sound testing been done? I...
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    I’ve got a used Hoyt Tiburon I bought #45. I built a string for it out of the newer low stretch BCY materials. Figured out it tunes best with a 500 spine. 400 is way too stiff, total arrow weight is 540ish grains. I’ve put double rubber cat whiskers on it and it has the OMP limb pads on it for...
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    Short Version: Want a quieter barebow with minimal setup. Should I get long limbs &/or mis-match them for indoor to avoid changing limb bolt settings. Long Version: Limb choices for string walking indoors vs outdoors to reduce noise and damage (i.e. mismatched, oversized, technique tips!)...
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    I'm trying out a plunger and elevated rest for hunting season. It's a WF19 riser and new Dryad RCTX limbs. The problem is I can't seem to get the twang noise out of the rest. Any advice is greatly appreciated.
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    I have been making and shooting longbows for many years and I have never had this issue before. I'm completely new to Ilf and recurves in general. The problem I am having is my bow is Extremely Loud when shooting 3-under. If I switch to split finger it is quiet through all the settings I have...
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    I am getting an annoying sharp snap from my top limb pocket on my DAS Elite & Winex combo. If i draw the bow, let down then pluck the string I get this sharp snapping sound. If I flex the limb forward after letting down it also does it. Just once then it's gone. I have removed detent pin and...
1-9 of 9 Results